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[Fun] ^AkaPi Walls

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Server: D2 24/7

Date: 10/25/19

Steam or Valve ID: STEAM_1:0:365093652  (Non-Steam)

Demos uploaded.

I have seen this player doing many odd things. He runs around with a knife out or looks at floor when there's no one around him, but will pre-aim spots cautiously without sound or visual give aways from opponents. I'll explain the clips in the demos

akapi.dem: He gets flashed, moves forward more steps and aims when the enemy appears on screen while being full blind. Could be coincidence, but then he pre-aims enemy in T spawn perfect.

akapi2.dem: Gets into gun fight at B doors, but peaks another enemy at CT spawn box perfect when he shouldn't have known their position. 

akapi.dem akapi2.dem

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