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I put it here ! I think it will be a good additions for admins and user to have this on the server !

That make a SS on the player and they can put it on forum as a defense ! Easy way to see if someone cheat or not !

what you think ?

there the Link of the pluggins

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@Baby Boo Good idea, thanks for the recommendation, but we have this as booty said but its not amx_screenshot (or maybe that exists too idk).  We're using amx_screen instead of amx_ss or amx_ssban.  I had some issues with amx_ss and amx_ssban, so I switched to this plugin instead, although works generally the sam way. Its outlined in the admin rules here: section 2. 

Console usage: amx_screen <player name> <number of screenshots>
ie. amx_screen baby 5


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