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[READ ME] How to create an Admin Remark/Abuse Report

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1. Please follow the link below in their respective order to create a new topic:


2. Click on kk.JPG.95792c2b8c3350963b26c3af6aa4ae1f.JPG

3. Provide a short title: Admin name | Type of abuse

For instance: JohnCena | Trash Talk

4. Please provide all the details required as a part of Admin Remark:

Admin's Name:
Admin's Steam ID:
Screenshots / Demos:
Additional Information:

Note: You must provide screenshot(s) or demo(s) as proofs in your remark, otherwise it will be difficult to prove you are telling the truth or forward a warning/punishment towards the member.

Tip: You can use the status command on your console by pressing quote key (") to catch all players SteamID. 

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