Server Admin & Trial Admin Duties/Rules

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   Server Admin/Trial Admin

  Rules & Guidelines:


Server admin duties include, but not limited to:

  • Investigating and banning cheaters.
  • Work closely with Server Managers, Demo Reviewers.
  • Teach Trial Admins to be better Admins while on Trial Period.
  • Slapping, slaying, kicking or gagging campers, spammers, noobs etc.
  • Motivating players to do the objective.
  • Transferring AFKs to spectate.
  • Keeping game play fun and the server running smoothly.
  • Keeping the peace amongst players (limit disrespect and harassment).
  • Reviewing and commenting on unban requests on the forum.

1.) Recording Demos or Screenshots of Cheaters:

Demos are required for trial admins and server admins and it’s recommended that admins use amx_screen to capture a screenshot of the cheater in case of appeal.  If the banned player requests an unban on forums and there is no proof (recorded demo, screenshot or in some cases reputable witnesses), the request to be unbanned will be granted. If more than 3 bans are overturned for whatever reason (even if the ban was an accident) in a 1 month time span, we will revoke admin powers until management reviews and makes a final decision on your abilities.

Non-Steam Hackers require 1 quick demo showing hacks

Steam Hackers require at LEAST 3 good demos showing hacks. (unless the first one is super obvious)

2.) Banning Users For Any Reason:

If you ban a player, please use ‘amxmodmenu’ command in console and choose ‘Ban Player’ within the menu, and follow the next steps available.  Ban times will be predetermined based on the chosen offense. Please, do not choose an offense that doesn’t apply in order to ban the user for a longer time period.  


3.) Slap / Slay / Kick

Slap, slay or kick users to motivate them into following server rules and keep game play fun and clean.  Try and warn a player with a message on what they’re doing before slapping, slaying or kicking if your not too busy.  We’re less worried about non-steamers and understand most of them don’t speak english, but it’s a requested courtesy to give a warning first, especially for our friends and regulars.


5.) Enforce Server Rules

We know most of us are here to play the game and socialize, but please take the time out to enforce the server rules, especially when requested by other players.  This means going to spectate and watching a player if they’re reported by another player as cheating. When your dead, you should be checking players for AFK’s, constant campers, cheaters, etc.


6.) Show Respect

Show respect to players and other n3 members. Avoid favoritism, welcome and engage with all. If you have a problem with another n3 member, speak with them directly or notify management.


Admin Abuse Protocol:

If a player reports you for admin abuse and it's confirmed, we follow this protocol for all admins:

  • 1st Offense: Warning 
  • 2nd Offense: Temporary Removal
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent Removal


Static Ban Reasons and Times:

Banning should be your last resort and all players should get a warning first (unless they're cheating).

Wallhacking Permanent

Aimbot Permanent

Multi Hack / Other Permanent

Racism 1 Week

Harassment / Disrespect / Toxic  2 Days

Failure To Comply 1 Day

Spamming Mic / Nades 10 Minutes

Lag 30 Minutes

Excessive Camping 30 Minutes

Advertising 1 Week


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Agreed ❤️ ill try to compose my temper to i know that you think im a hard headed and aggressive but in order to get a point accross i tend to over step with my temper ❤️ ill work on this for you.

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@MissDenise and anyone else having this problem, use amx_team instead of amx_transfer in console, or use the amxmodmenu 'team' option.

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Agreed with all

When you find yourself trapped in a room surrounded by your enemies, say to yourself
I'm not here with you, you're here with me.

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