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    abusers name: #KVS_Demon$.exe and #KVS_Walvin30klk

    my real name in the game: sTaXx.exe

    the name i was using: ᶜˢ¹6

    what is the problem about:Well, really, I was playing normally I changed my name because I liked the name ᶜˢ¹6 I was curious to put it, the truth is that they got angry because I changed my name and I also said that it was not me, I just saw it for playing but that is not a crime and they started to curse me in Spanish I know Spanish and it bothered me and I told them why they told me that if I didn't see anything Demon told me {cries} well it really bothered me and I came to report this immediately I hope I am right and if I don't have it then thanks for reading.

    proof of what happened:35515735_prueba.png.abd6d16c31dc71b6abc7dc5ceeec71ec.png

    Thanks for reading and if I put something wrong let me know

    1. rollin


      You posted this as a status instead of a topic on the forums, but yes we will help stop this.  I can't reach out to him for warning since he doesn't have steam so  I will issue a 24 hour ban which he can comment on if he wants.


    2. sTaXx.exe


      oh asked my friend esque I did not know but for the next time I will be more attentive, and thank you very much friend Demon many times he has insulted me but when they insult me I will send you tests and thank you for helping 🙂