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  1. I just got my new pc up and running srry about that guys ..
  2. i want to thank everyone... it is an honor.. i will do my best.. feel free to ask talk or anything im here to help staff, ,members, or anyone that needs to rant or rave....this is what n3 is all about battling life together... one bullet and round at a time.......
  3. Well personally my opinion is that in real combat you cant ask your enemy to ban high powered rifles.... you get taken out....you get taken out... as said @rollinturn on pro skills... I say grab a sCoUT!!! 2-1 shot advantage and faster .... where do i vote?
  4. that almost turn political lol ok .. ok.. we keep smoke nades :0 geee lol... but i actually learned a few things from that debate lol...And im the one with the shitty pc dell 660s no video card..... :0 looking to upgrade though this place on the web if anyone is interested they have a great websight build you own pc...check it out yay come on taxt money
  5. just my individual opinion / vote can we 86 smoke nades so inappropriate if not used correctly...im pretty sure all they do is lagg the servers and players throw them in all the wrong areas... kills game play ... i use smoke for evasion or for a blind spot when singled out not to obstruct passage ways to be killed going through flashes are bad enough for that lol just saying
  6. in my opinion just a chart of chain of command rankings ect. ect. so while in server they make the decisions on how the server is ran while game is in play. disputes/kicks/bans. for information to be relayed to them if they do not catch certain things that are happening while games are in progress and they make the decision on what actions should be taken...top man/women top responsibility....Heavy he who wears the crOWn...
  7. great collaboration im sure it will only make each of the clans stronger thumbs up
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