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  1. Restriction for sure ... And the propose from Bada is very good. So lets see what vote do
  2. Contrats guys. Keep doing the good job.
  3. @ShY join it bro we will start to make some matchs ;). Can you contact Xjm? We can have a fkng good team
  4. Merry Christmas to all n3 Fockers* ... Thanks for your love to all old iR members. It's really nice be part of our new family. Enjoyed the time with your family's and i hope all of you have a really good Xmas... Thank's Fockers... Love you all... Daddy Fr3Q...
  5. That's the feeling team working for being better... For sure kind of things need to fixe in private...
  6. With friends in the best country to smoke weed in the World Netherlands....
  7. @TetrixKitty if you copy and add to your cs it works ;)...
  8. We can try do a "job" for Someone like bitz3r have before. A marketing man someone for talk others community's/clans and defies for a match/competition it will help us to be more popular... Have a good time help's too ;)... as already an account here XJM maybe join us too... As you know we win all our matches... Its a really good thing for be popular team work motivated people to play etc.
  9. Enjoy your "peace" time... Have a great vacations...
  10. We haved more then 30 admins... For sure a big part of them will join us son or later. Steves, Sniezka, Nines, B!tch Please, Ghost... Etc... Let this people join and will see what we can do after. For now with some 3 or 4 more then we have rigth now it will help... Have a nice day guys.
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