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  1. Oh great didnt know that thanks @rollin and @N3 | Bootyman i didnt know we had amx_screenshot ! that why i posted it lol
  2. I put it here ! I think it will be a good additions for admins and user to have this on the server ! That make a SS on the player and they can put it on forum as a defense ! Easy way to see if someone cheat or not ! what you think ? there the Link of the pluggins
  3. @rollin hahaha ! always using fake ID is the best lmao ! @Adam Richard maybe you can make something to disable it im pretty sure
  4. Hope you will remove this sounds when kill spray or godlike ... no need
  5. @Juba </3 yesss i hope too ! didnt know there was some problem on the server !
  6. Great anwser ! Thanks @-=Evil Clown=-
  7. @Juba </3 no didnt see that post ! haha ! but why is still in test mode ? we have not already did alot of test before ? everyone know is bad without semi clip in a pub with over 20 people and some dont know how use the ability of not blocking people ! and the teamflash another one that in a pub people dont know how flash and hard to deal with 15player in a team to not teamflash people
  8. Why always playing with the pluggins ? now no more semiclip ... and now u get teamflashed ! Im near to ban them all for this team flash ! hope you will go back to normal like before ! Never seen a server playing so much with pluggins ! i know some make suggestions ? but really ??? make a vote before applying any pluggins for nothing !
  9. i dont care to tag up if you want it ! But have already talked about that with rollin and told me it was fine ! Thats why ... but if he changed his mind i will tag up anytime in n3 server if really needed ! i love this server so ! ! Just asked why because as any smart hacker if u go spec with n3 tag he will toggle off as @StrVs said ! ! but ill tag up as you want ! but would like to hear @rollin about that ! Thanks @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE
  10. Dont think wearing n3 or not is really needed ! if we admin we support n3 because we try to catch hacker same as if we have tag or not ! i dont tag up iR and im still admin with them ! i'm using alot my second name to play so ... ! ! @rollin what you think about that ? we already talked about that on steam .. waiting ur anwser !
  11. Ohhh hahaha okay didnt know you can do that ! hahaha thanks for the info @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE
  12. @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE Dont see my name here ! But notifications say you mentioned me ! haah
  13. Congratz ! I see have been tagged but didnt see my name haha ! But gratz to all got promotionS
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