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  1. Please fallow the format for an unban request.-Denied Locked
  2. ct^s

    Unban Request:!uk

    Admin doesn't have demo. Will be unbanned. @!uk Sorry for the inconvenience. Locked.
  3. @Adam Richard Thanks for taking the time and effort to look into this.
  4. It was brought to my attention that while on the map cs_assault, if you buy any form of armor, It deducts your money but shows no armor on your hud. Will try keep my eyes open for other bugs or such things. Special thanks @wAFF
  5. The map vote on the classic server makes you vote twice, Not sure if that's intended or not. For example aim_map gets 90% of the votes, it then make you revote on a whole new set of maps then always chooses what ever the second vote is.
  6. I like the awp. I think it should stay.
  7. Congrats! to all of you. Sure has been a good community.
  8. ct^s

    New Donation ct^s

    Hi ct^s, Thank you for your donation of $10.00 We look forward to improving the forums, game servers, and community in general with your contribution! Regards, New 3ra Gaming Community
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