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  1. sentimentally I wanted some kind of control on awp, but realistically I guess it's impossible. Community is split half and half, but the half that likes unlimited awp REALLY loves the awp, while the other half is not as passionate about it... Maybe if kills from awp is reduced on scoreboard, so the people who use it for score would be discouraged, while people who really love it would not be affected.
  2. judging from the vote it's not gonna be restricted, you safe....
  3. Superiority of awp in public setting is not up to debate. Anytime on server you see a godlike score, most of the time that player been awping for the last hour, except reaction monsters like smiley.
  4. in our public game setting, awps do have an advantage. Restriction is up for debate, but to question the superiority of awp? .....
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