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  1. Hello everyone! I just want to let everyone know that I will be on vacation for close to two months. I will try getting on steam if yall need me. I just want to let you guys know to never hesitate reaching out to me. Also, we have grew quite well and expanded our management team. I don't think y'all will have problems with anything, we have an elite management team. Anyway, Thanks in advance!
  2. To all iR team, We would like to extend our welcoming to each and everyone of you! We are filled with gratitude as these two clans merge. We will do our best to make it as your guys' home as possible. I know there will be a few kinks here and there as we are merging but with every problems we face there's always solutions. We are thankful to have you as part of n3! So as being said, From our management team down to our members. We Welcome you!
  3. Welcome to all iR, glad to have you all aboard with n3 happy gaming everyone!
  4. @Baby Boo if thats the case then admin can go disguise, change name and change pic in an example to outsmart hackers. Also, for everyone who are all for it. Thank you.
  5. PS. I dont want to sound like a dick or anything, nor I dont want you guys thinking I am being super strict. I am only asking for this rule and nothing else. I always have good intentions toward N3 and if I do make you guys pissed or mad about this I apologize, but implementing this will actually advertise n3 more in our server. When I play with 6 n3 players some people actually ask how to join or become member. Thats why I really wanna get this implemented. Hopefully everyone see/hear my point of view.
  6. @StrVs thats the exception, I told talked about it to of admins see cheater they can remove their tag change picture and come back with a completely different name and pic so they can spec. Also not all players carrying tags are admins. So they wouldnt know as well who are admins. Im just asking for admins to atleast tag up in our servers.. and if you go in other servers you can remove it.
  7. @Baby Boo this is not iR. This is n3. We are completely different from iR. and yes we are admins who catches hackers.. is it really hard to put n3 in front of your name in N3 server? if so then you shouldn't be an admin. There are MEMBERS who are tagging up and their not even ADMINS, that's how you show your support on whatever clan you have. @rollin yea I wanna know your answer as well. wanna insert management here too.. @Manager @Staff @Server Manager
  8. I have seen some of our admins that don't tag up, I have talked to the management on making this being one of the requirements for being an admin. This is the least we can do to support N3. I know some of our admins have dual clans. And we have reconsidered that even dual clanning admins should tag up while in our servers. My opinion alone if you are not tagging in our server, it means you are not worthy of having adminship. The least admins can do is tag up when in our server. If any of the management team catches admins who doesn't tag up, it will take into consideration of removing their adminship right away. I am not trying to take away your privilege to be an admin, but there are some players who are eager to wear the tag and not even be an admin. I want admins to show their dedication to our clan, just even in our server put N3 in your name and you can even take it out when not playing in our server. I hope everyone understands my point of view. Thank you everyone. @Elite Admin @Manager @Server Admin @Server Manager @Staff @Trial Admin
  9. I wanna thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for making this clan the newest, coolest and awesome clan! I hope we continue to grow and prosper! N3 forever! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  10. @Baby Boo I tagged all the ranks just to give you guys a heads up. Its a group mention. Lol Im sorry about the confusion.
  11. We are pleased to announce that the following players will be promoted to the next level. @N3 | Bootyman - Management @TetrixKitty- Staff @14-vvarrior-player-n3-Staff @pen|z - Server Manager @Juba </3 - Server Manager @Velvet - Server Manager (sorry it was late) To all of you, Thank you for making our community and server active and keeping it going. We hope that you will strive your hardest to maintain and improve our community. Congratulations! @Manager @Staff @Server Manager @Elite Admin @Server Admin @Trial Admin
  12. thanks bro for keeping the servers running!!
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