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  1. Server Name: New 3ra Gaming | Dust2 24/7 [ 1000 FPS / Chicago ] ( Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4337309 - Admins Name: n3 -|- Velvet (Kentucky BlueBird) Ban Reason: Hacking Your Defense / Comments / Proof : Full demo of my visit: The BIRDDY!! is amazing.
  2. Server Name: New 3ra Gaming | Dust2 24/7 ( Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4337309 - Admins Name: n³ ° pen|z (peniz) Ban Reason: Watchya think? ^^ Your Defense / Comments / Proof : Hey guys! How's it going!? As usual. I am innocent. GL&HF
  3. If you'd like to ask me about other more specific instances, feel free. If you're banking on the last round primarily then I refer you to my above post. If I had more time I'd re-watch it all for fun, but I've gtg for a bit. I'll check back in a few hours. Thanks.
  4. birddy.dem: In my mind I know where I'm shooting. Between Long DD and Top Mid. It's a fairly tight hallway between these two points, so typically when I hear/suspect there's ANYONE between the other side of that wall and to the left of upper mid green boxes, I know roughly where to fire. In this case I could clearly hear the player running away from me on the other side of the wall - in your demo it's less obvious, but in my own recordings I can clearly hear the footsteps, not sure why that is. After doing a bit of damage and running out of ammo I switch to my deagle and side step to my left and aim slightly to the right at an angle - this is my attempt at getting more shots off as he escapes, possibly near the bend leading towards cat/mid. I landed at least two shots when doing this. Can't say if it was on the same player or not. As for the last guy awping at top mid, the only reason I continued firing shots even after my two teammates rushed up into T spawn was he fired a shot as I was approaching the wall again. (58:19:00) Now I couldn't be sure if it was either of the terrorists bogdan or SPIRA who were just killed, or even one of my teammates, but in the moment I'm not going to "think about it" I'll just fire in the direction of the shot. That I was so close on target is mostly chance. I also missed those shots and cautiously exited to get a better look, it was only then that I spotted him and went back to spamming at the wall. I feel I need to stress, once again, from my position, top mid is a fairly small target and there are only so many spots a player could be, assuming they were not hidden behind a wall.. well another wall. birddy2.dem - I know the spot and I may not of fired if my thrown nade didn't do 38 damage indicating that someone was not only close - but likely inside of Long DD and this spam is meant to hit players hiding behind the box inside the area. For me it's nothing, I could have easily missed had the player moved slightly or if he was crouched and I aimed too high, but clearly they were right where I suspected. Or maybe I'm wrong and they were running through DD after the nade, either way the spam still lined up. If you watch closely, even in your own demo you can see I hesitate before firing until after the nade has gone off. Once it does and I've assured myself that an enemy is nearby, only then do I begin spamming. Obviously this is not always the case, but given that it is here, it's worth mentioning. As for the remainder of the demo, I don't think there's anything of note.
  5. Server Name: New 3ra Gaming | Dust2 24/7 ( Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4337309 - Admins Name: teehee (Terry) Ban Reason: Hacking Your Defense / Comments / Proof : Called it! I mean.. I was not walling. Thank you. Demo of my full visit leading to the ban right as the map changed:
  6. Server Name: New 3ra Gaming | Dust2 24/7 ( Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4337309 - Admins Name: n3 | Navid Ban Reason: Hacking Your Defense / Comments / Proof : I feel like this is my 3rd time registering an account here. At least my third appeal too! Anyway, I was not walling. In the meantime if there's any interest, the above "4144.dem" recording is my entire visit up until I disconnected. I believe I was banned shortly after leaving the server. Skip to 22:30:00 to reach about where Navid enters into spectate. There may be a strange (and repeating) clicking sound in my demo due to my hud_fastswitch settings, my apologies if it's an annoyance. Thanks.
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