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  1. To be honest @n3 -=Evil Clown=- it really is how he plays, he's always spamming, so, ofcourse he will wallbang a lot of people, he does it all the time, he's shooting at walls more than he's shooting at people, that's just how he plays, he really knows his wallbang spots, since he's always doing it and the damage hud just helps him out quite a lot, he has been banned many many times before, and will most likely get banned again, but he's always recording himself, so we see it on his end
  2. Demos provided by Navid are the same demos that insanedemns provided. So it actually shows he's just spamming pretty accurately, but we don't see anything weird going on insane's demos. #Unbanned Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for showing your proofs anyways Navid!
  3. @Navid If you could please post the proofs u got about him. Thanks !
  4. water cooling sucks so bad if you wanna go to a LAN. lol make it so much more complicated to move the comp I got: Processor: Intel core i7 8700k Motherboard: MSI Z390A-Pro Memory: G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-16GTZR Trident Z RVB Series 16 Go (SDRam DDR4 3200MHz) Power Supply: Corsair HX750i Graphics card: GeForce RTX 2080 Zotac Gaming I basically only bought these new parts to make my new comp SSD was still fine, might change my screen soon but, since I just bought a house, I might wait a bit more to get myself a new screen got a Samsung SSD 840 Pro series hard drive, just for games, without much space, but I got 2 external HDD of 8TB + 2x 1.5 TB internal HDD So, I got room for movies and series that I download a lot, lol. I'm going to go for a 144hz refresh rate 4k monitor when I'll buy one tho
  5. Congratulations @-=Evil Clown=- you've been working a lot and we've actually seen the work you've been putting up for us, I'm glad you're part of the staff team now! You totally deserve it. Keep up the great work man! If you need any help about anything, feel free to ask me, but you shouldn't have too much problems with amxbans stuff, it's very similar to iR
  6. People sayin they're nobody without awps, this could be a good opportunity to get good with other guns lol. I wouldn't agree to completely restrict awp, but limiting it sounds like a good idea, people that are quick on the buy can pretty much always get their awp anyways, if you're slow then... Get faster if u wanna awp! Limiting it isn't the end of the world, it's not like you're never going to be able to awp anymore in our server...
  7. Oh ya, dat killing spree / godlike makes me jizz mah pants. Who can dream of something else than a chick moaning "Killing Spree" or "Godlike" ! rofl, I actually like those sounds, what we could do that I've seen before is adding a command, to make it possible for each players to disable the sound if they want to. If @rollin can't do it, maybe @Adam Richard could hook you up with that if you'd want this.
  8. @rollin I'm up for running another vote, I do agree that restricting awps to only have a couple available per team would be a good thing.
  9. I am glad to announce that @KeV and @amy passed their trial with ease! Welcome to the Server Admin team! Keep up the great work you've been doing and keep those hackers away from our servers! Congratulations to both of you!
  10. Have you changed something recently? First thing that I would check out is if you have any graphics card driver update to do, then do them, if this doesn't work, I would just completely uninstall and reinstall CS, if that still doesn't work after trying these 2 things, come back and I'll try to check more stuff out.
  11. I do agree that smokes are part of the game and I don't see any reason to remove them. If people are thinking about removing smokes, we'll have to think about removing awps as well... So I doubt it's going to happen, it has been voted for before, people wanted to keep awps so, I'm pretty sure we're going to keep smokes as well
  12. StrVs


    Thanks freq Hope everyone gets a very nice christmas, take care !
  13. First of all, I think as a rule, we should implement this: For any drama or fighting issues, we should deal with this PRIVATELY, either with the person we have a problem with directly in private or if it doesn't work, go ask staff and management to try to fix the issue, we don't want fights all over forums, it really looks bad for a community, people come in here to have fun, not deal with drama. So: NO fighting / drama posts in forums. Keep it private or talk directly to management about it (Via PM or discord)
  14. Congratulations @-=Evil Clown=- It's well deserved and I'm sure you're gonna do a nice job Keep up the good work sir !
  15. Sorry dude... But the brother downloading hacks excuse doesn't work. The fact you said you did have hacks on your computer just proves it has been used. Your brother is the one that got banned and can still play on this computer, so your brother remains banned, which includes you. Reinstalling cs doesn't prove anything, you can just reinstall your hacks on 12-18-2019 as well. #Ban remains.
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