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  1. i say keep the awp mates yall gonna make me re learn how to play cs and i aint down for that awp is all i know and its breaking my heart i cant afford vip to be able to buy what i want etc im pooooooooor trailer trash cowboy
  2. ok maybe i am but i have to play like noob to let the regulars play like they think they are god ill just lethal inject all ofem
  3. no vote for me i like the awp and im nobody without it
  4. you are unbanned merry christmas
  5. i am going to unban this kat due to lack of my evidence
  6. dd stays banned! i dont ban without probable cause hes 100% hacking
  7. gunna open this up here to let folks see the ghost videos i make !! they will be on youtube as well..
  8. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i made server manager thankyou i will do my best
  9. Congrats to all hope you keep striving on this road of greatness we have here
  10. Velvet

    Need a Sig!

    its sexyyy nice job bro
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