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  1. @General.Wackass We will check it to see if we can add them! Thanks!
  2. Thanks. We will get back to you. Nice initiative for 1.6! From my side, I definitely would support this. However, i need to check what the team says.
  3. Hey ruski! I have three questions. 1. Does the league you are planning allows the participation of other community clans OR is it just within n3? If yes, then how many minimum community clans are required to participate? [Max is 10]. 2. If it is within n3, then we still need more players who are interested to play in a tournament with atleast 10 players. However, if the league is for all community clans then Is the expectation to host scrim is from N3 ? [We can support it if you want.] 3. Do team members need to pay some minimum amount in order to register? Just to make sure if it's non-profit kind of business. Anyways, we do have minimum 5 players who can take down any team with IR+N3 combined. Our aim for pug/scrim volunteers is to strengthen other interested N3 players in their pug/scrim games. Additionally, every interested pug player will get to play in N3 scrim team against other clans.
  4. @-=Evil Clown=- ^_^ Congrats EC!!! Thanks for your huge contribution towards n3 community by being extremely active on forums and on servers. Very well deserved.
  5. Amazing Pro gaming Chair and powerful CPU ... Looks like the CPU is smoking weed lol... Do you use old one for 1.6 and new one for go?
  6. Seems like everyone getting hard with these sounds except boo... lol... No offence
  7. Anyways, for awp criteria, my proposal: 16 players per team (32 total)- Players>=14 and <=16: 5 AWP limit Players>= 10 and <=13: 4 AWP limit Players >=8 and <10: 3 AWP limit Players <8 and >=5: 2 AWP limit Players < 5 : 1 AWP limit This way we won't remove any awp even when playing 1 vs 1. OR any other proposal, please feel free to forward. VIPs can dodge the limit above.
  8. I think restricting awps can go both ways. I don't mind having awp restriction with 4 or 5 guys since sometimes it bugs me too when i play against 5 awpers all at once and die after killing 1. Just waiting for other awpers like @-=Evil Clown=- & @MissDenise to comment lol.
  9. Congrats @KeV & @amy... Well done!!!
  10. @rollin agree. It's difficult to organize right now when we are having very few pug players. We can ask players at random time and let everyone know when they are ready to play pug. Meanwhile, we get to know who are more consistent players joining at pug and then we can group them together if we feel more players joining us. Please add everyone to our scrim chat group or if needed i can make a different steam group.
  11. Hey hey hey ..... Since we are now bigger as a team, I think we should start discussing on having multiple scrim teams with sergeant of war... aka Scrim Team Captain. So please step forward and don't hesitate to respond. There won't be one team, but it could be many depending on how many responses we get. We will make sure every player gets a team as long as they are interested. We might need several things before we move forward: [Green - To do ; Blue - Only after green portion is well received] 1. Players who are genuinely interested and their availability [who can commit]. At present, we do have players in scrim chat group but they only join whenever they want. Please provide your response with "Interested" comment in this post if you can really commit. 2. From the past experience, players were complaining about having no communication while playing in a team of 5. One recommended software for everyone to install is: TeamSpeak3 Client. I used this software while playing at GSU servers and it is very handy. Additionally, if possible get a good headset and a microphone. If you do have any other recommendations, please feel free to provide it. Moreover, please join our Discord channel to get in touch with everyone. 3. Ping will definitely be an issue for players having > 100 ms. One recommendation is to go to the pug server:, check your ping and note it down. 4. Depending on how much it's well received, another post will be created where interested players have to provide: a. Availability [E.S.T/P.S.T/C.S.T/International Timeline] b. Ping range [0-50, 50-100, 100-150] 5. If we get huge responses, the players will be divided in a team of 5. Thereafter, players themselves have to vote for their captain/Sergeant of War. Duties of captain/Sergeant will include: Building the team, Scheduling practices and matches. As of now, please hit the reply button with "Interested" comment to let everyone know about your interest.
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