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  1. Daayumm, didn't know that its you Floor. This @waytoogoodforme is impressive and legit at the same time. @kdc You can tell how experienced he is by the way he plays. It's not about the aim only.
  2. Killed 29 in a row, going to do laundry now.
  3. Dayumm, congrats @-=Evil Clown=- brooo.
  4. @rollin Mannn, these rewards are too horny to handle. I dunno if you've heard her saying "Godlike" yet or not.
  5. I agree with @rollin, awpers are easy to kill because of their recovery time and offcourse they have huge disadvantage in closed combat too. There are players in the server who kill the awpers even before they can open the scope (freakin @StrVs being one of the examples lol) also we have smoke nades in place too. We can give a try by restricting 4 or 5 awps may be and see how it goes.
  6. Awp is paid? No problem +1 I'm down to restrict awp btw.
  7. Happy new year to the n3 family Cheers!
  8. Haha, I agree with @.jen on that. Smoke HAS to be in place to get away from us annoying awpers.
  9. I guess its really hard to set a benchmark in the racism case because there are hundreds of things within this category to be considered then. I beleive it can only be figured by the person who is being offended. Honestly, it really depends on the tolerance level of the individual. Lets say if someone makes a remark on brown people or my nation, I may take it as a joke but there is another brown guy who could get offended. If he asks him to stop but the other person keeps on going then yeah, it's intentional offense and then we should take the action. That's my thoughts.
  10. @Baby Boo Yea man I get your frustration lol. Test mode in a sense that the server was acting weird lately and as rollin said too many plugins were introduced in a short period. So we didn't know which one is actually causing the trouble. So rollin is gonna start over and catch the culprit. Hopefully the fix is on its way!
  11. @Baby Boo Heyy bud, don't panic. I guess you haven't seen rollin's post in the forum where he mentions that server is kinda in the test mode in terms of plugins. He has been trying to add/remove plugins to see which ones fit better.
  12. Juba </3

    Need Help

    @Liridon Another thing that follows a formatted Windows is the updates. You lose all the updates when you format the system, and it tries to re download updates from the MS server when connected to the internet. You may also disable the Windows update (not recommended) if you want to.
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