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  1. I cannot prove that is you without your steam account ID or some type of tag. Regardless an executable cheat is client side not server side. I'm not directed to these people because they are WAY TOO GOOD FOR ME im drawn to them because they have altered the server side client somehow not your side. Regardless the man or woman is obviously seeing things before they appear on our side not the server side so you were etiher inside an outside client with a spectator telling you ppl were there or you were toggling hitting either insert, f12, number pad delete, or f12. My client side on the half life engine does not lie when something was altered everything is locked. config is read only, userconfig is read only, cl_allowdownload 0 is off and I also happen to use the esea client pretty regularly and have in the past. I also competed on the online CEVO client which forced is to show our client side settings to the CEVO admins so they could see if something was out of place. People were regularly banned for glitching the map by fast switching around in spec mode to see where ppl were, using no smoke sprites or low quality smoke to see through it, and toggling an esp or wallhack. Just look at the esea client ban list. We have more cheat coders than we do legitimate cs players and that spoils the game for everyone. If this type of abuse goes on steam and VAC anticheat will be forced to take action by removing your steamid and banning your account permanently. As far as what we do on public servers it doesnt matter Valve Anticheat will catch you considering they are server side and client side.
  2. only one way to tell he hasn't hooked the Half Life one engine with an executable file.
  3. keep proof so an admin cannot accidently ban you. THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOT OURS.
  4. upload your demos waytoogoodforme screen shots. net_graph 3 in console take your screenshots and upload your demos to prove you don't have any cheats. Esea client doesnt lie when they catch a cheating hooking the HL1 engine sorry.
  5. so your able to see people randomly in middle through a clear double door in mid? The discharged firearm doesnt lie.
  6. thanks for the 2nd opinion it always helps. Yea its not my first run in with that first guy Ive seen him around but not obvious enough to point it out. Usually pointing something like that out in front of everyone gives the bender of rules more power in the struggle. Its really unmotivating when people act like animals and fuck around with their food before they eat it rather than just make a clean sweep and gtfo. Especially the assholes in ventrilo, discord, teamspeak or when a group of players all on the same team use a server clan/team/group to abuse others. Playful goofing around is ok by me but please don't degrade people or make them feel like less of a human being from the other side of a video game. This type of community is for people to play in a controlled environment if we didnt have stuff like this the internet could turn into a very dark place really fast. Also please make sure you have proof before you decide to ban someone its very easy to let the heat of the moment get to you or the drunk on power scenario makes you a terrible judge in this type of scenario.
  7. and if you are seeing my spray as green then you are color blind because it is blue.
  8. Also I should add most of the evidence is on the unknownplayer.rar file the blue demo is just a broader spectrum of when I first started recording my old demo and the happenstances going on.
  9. www.bailopan.net use to have a really good csdm. I dont remember if it was amx or not but it ran great in the old hi-def chicago servers. I think they may have been velocity servers or something. Either way the game play was really smooth all the time and this was back with basic cable internet and dsl.
  10. 6150 STEAM_0:1:48346030 28 51:29 43 6235 STEAM_1:0:1245523391 9 07:21 215 1 two birds with one stone Ghosting,esp,lowfov aimbot... The second steam id was for sure using a multicheat you can see the shaking at the end of the demo. this "unamed" person for certain reasons is a bit more sneaky. Easily can toggle an esp on and off or toggle an aimbot to be low fov. Either way you will know one way or another with some suttle details. He shoots when people are not in sight, he always knows a player is there and is ready at every turn... or on the other end of the spectrum his friends in discord or some type of other client like ventrilo are telling him where they are. the internet has all that shit and once again these players are gaining an unfair advantage over the players who actually want healthy competition. I myself have been banned many times for suspected cheating by an angry admin who thinks I was cheating. Regardless I leave this decision up to you. Ived played a lot of amazing cs 1.6 players and they were professionals some just online superstars but this first steam id is a whole nother level of knowing where everyone is at all times. And when people enter spectate he seems to not perform so great. unknownplayer.rar blue.rar
  11. good stuff. Could still use that 32 man csdm tho
  12. You guys got it down pretty good I wouldn't change a thing.
  13. Server: What server was the player suspected for cheating in? Only server I know of that we have in use in cs 1.6. Player's Steam ID: Type "Status" in console to get the players steam ID. # 5 "MIXA" 1712 STEAM_1:0:957761646 Witnesses: Was any other n3 members in the server at the time? Samantha666, PubG, and S1rSycho Demo Links: Upload any demos to https://www.mediafire.com/ and post the links here. Comments: What do you have to say about this report? Media fire wasnt working so I had to upload it here. mixa.rar
  14. Old school csdm. No mods or parachute weird gravity stuff. It's nice to stay warm and not wait so long between rounds.
  15. A config won't really help you too much with fps or lag issues. But if your rates are not set correctly that will cause some issues with lag or server response. For instance the games default settings are made for old 56k modems(very slow connection) Current technology is usually T1 lines or cable/dsl. I'd start by uninstalling counterstrike and even maybe steam completely. Re-install set your rates to cl_cmdrate 101, cl_updaterate 102, rate 100,000(rollins new research) ex_interp "0", r_mmx 1, cl_allowdownload 0, also you can lock your config by going into your cstrike folder right click on the text file and make it read only. This will keep other servers or pubs messing with your settings. Also in settings turn off observer crosshair that could also be another reason why your lagging. To fix it id honestly have to have the machine in front of me there are alot of things that could be causing your issues. Things like vsync being on or off and your graphics card settings. If your looking for more fps turn your settings down low if your just having connection or lag issues see if you have any other programs or downloads in the backround that could be slowing down your speeds. For instance if you have a roommate on the same internet as you and he or she is streaming a movie or something that would cause issues.
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