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  1. relax nd chillax at ur vacation. Have a great one.
  2. @rollin try using "rate 30000" with ex_interp 0.01 or 0.02 .
  3. Zombie driver HD FREE on steam store. https://store.steampowered.com/app/220820/Zombie_Driver_HD/ Free to keep when you get it before 5 Dec @ 1:00pm. Some limitations apply. also other daily deal offers on this link too regarding this game / content.
  4. lol I looked into his special "cvars" he changed xD. a little messy for the server tho for example fps_max for server was 100, should be 1000 ( for those who are streaming, broadcasting, videoing capture for youtube or other platforms or animations stuff ) but 400 ish enough tho so corrected to 400 with override 1. as for the ping tweaks or tripping or higher or lower, on that reg, ping doesn't matter since that's the fair reg for both higher pinger getting registery on lower nd lower to higher player. minupdaterate = 10 ( should be 20 but still fine ) nd maxupdaterate = 40 ( should be 101 for those who have 101 rates according to their gaming cpu, gpu, faster processor ) but I understand that maxupdaterate should be lower than 101 like around between 50 - 80. So I suggest everyone to use these console commands if u really wanna fit to the registery properly, use it accordingly tho, if it doesn't suit u then use ur own but u gotta give some time for registery to set nd u will start to realize that registery is actually good on these rates. ( " rate 25000 or 30000, cl_updaterate 25 / 26, cl_cmdrate 30, cl_dlmax 128, fps_max 150 / 200, fps_override 1, ex_interp 0.1 "default tho" but u can try this too ex_interp 0.01 ). If u want to kn more about related to these console commands then go over here nd read this whole topic ->.
  5. with all respect nd warm welcome to all iR legends. great merge. now let's rock the cs world^.
  6. @wAFF yep default ish "ex_interp 0.1" but using "0.01", that will do it + improves the knifing skills too^.
  7. @applejuice u can change ur name to silly names still but remember to put n3 tag in any name u are changing to unless u really want to catch the hacker being undercover or spying then u can remove ur tag for that particular specific reason only. for me, I never liked clanning up or tagging up community's name in my in game name but I've been using n3 tag in my in game name, since the creation of n3 community becos I really do care about the community nd just for the concern, support nd sake for the community, I've always tagged up. I never removed it no matter I'm spectating or going to other community servers. The other day I went to whx when n3 dust2 server was ddosed or idk was under maintenance, I was playing there with still n3 tagged up nd few players kept asking if n3 dust2 server is back or not? becos they really wanted to play in n3 dust2 server. So, the point over here is if all admins, server managers, management nd forum registered members gonna tag up n3 in server too then it's gonna make other peeps to join n3 nd tag up too + it shows really deep nd dedicated support to n3 community. If any of us won't tag up then it will show to other players nd give 'em some kind of -ve impressions that we also don't even care much about n3 tagging up rules or dedication towards it nd being a negative n3 role model for other regulars, common players nd upcoming members too no matter how good admin u re or how much hackers u're banning. There's nothing bad in tagging n3 in the n3 servers at all nd u can remove n3 tag when u left the server nd play in others servers tho. When management made this rule official which is betterment for the community then u gotta follow it no matter wat, with all due respect. completely agree over here with @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE .
  8. I don't kn if this thing is gonna work out for other players or not but I've asked few players in the server, they are keep seeing the "chicken" model instead of "player" model when the player turns themselves into chicken. For me, I'm always seeing a player model even if they are into chicken mode so that's why it's easier for me to locate 'em or to knife 'em easily xD. in game > options > video settings > uncheck "HD Models". console command to make it easier for both teams to be in 1 specific skin for example Terrorists's team all player skins will be same nd same goes with Counter - Terrorists's team. cl_minmodels 1 I hope this thing might work for u since it's working for me tho.
  9. happie thankies^giving day to all peeps and n3 comrades.
  10. omg!. I like all those abandoned exploring haunted locations, videos, scary videos / vlogs, I mostly watch 'em on youtube. Most channels I watch on youtube about all these things like "moe sargi", "omargoshtv", "paranormal g team something" "FAM", nd few more channels.
  11. @n3 | SteinSHOT yesh 89 invites, last year I had like 110 invites nd the max I've ever gotten was 185 - 190 xD. there are ways to raise up ur steam level. 1. Craft badges through trading cards. While playing games which drops almost 3 - 4 trading cards but they won't drop all of 'em if it's like total u need 6 - 8 cads to craft a badge, the games which drop trading cards can only drop max 4 -5 depending on each game. The rest of the cards, u gotta have to buy from steam market to craft a badge. 2. Idle daddy / idle master app for idling the steam games by itself, will drop u 3 - 5 trading cards depending on each game, rest of the cards. u gotta buy from steam market to craft a badge. Now with these apps, u just need to download this app on pc or even u can do on mobile. Just hve to login thru via steam username + pass + verification code will be sent to ur email. Once all that is done then it will automatically calculates how much games u got on ur steam account then whichever games drop the trading card, the app will auto run those games for u. For this, u dont even need to download any game tho. + these apps have their own settings too, like how much u want app to run the game to drop trading cards, to make it seem legit, make it run around 2 hours for each game. Once that game drops all it's trading cards, the app won't run or idle that specific game ever since it's trading cards dropping stuff is finished for it. about trading cards / steam market -> there's a site on google, in which u can see nd explore the cheapest trading cards of specific games, are on steam market, so for example :- on that website u can put value in search like $0.18 or 0.20 so the search will make those values highlight on the list of the games which have like the cheapest trading cards in steam market. So once u found 1 by 1 game, search nd type that game's name in steam market on steam like "gamename trading cards" that game's trading cards will come up nd it will show each card's cost or value. So when u kn its cheapest so buy each card 5 times like 1 set = 5 cards =100xp on steam level so 5 sets = 500 xp but be careful since not all games have like 1 set = 5 cards, since some games have like 1 set = 6 cards or even 9 cards too so to make it 500xp through 5 sets, u gotta buy each card like 5 times depending on how much quantity u hve in 1 set of trading cards. obvious tip is, to buy tradings cards from steam market, u gotta have steam funds for it.
  12. just being silly nd goofy. let's share some stuff like, what's ur current steam profile level ?, what's ur favorite crafted badge ?, how many pending invites u've currently ?. steam level :- favorite badge:- pending invites :-
  13. "Cursader Kings || " FREE ! on steam store. along with 3 dlcs "Exapansion - Crusader Kings || : Sword of Islam", " Crusader Kings || : Songs of Yuletide" nd "Crusader Kings || : South Indian Portraits 5 year anniversary gift". https://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/
  14. "Company of Heroes 2" FREE ! on steam store. Free to keep when you get it before 17 Nov @ 1:00pm. Some limitations apply. - add to ur steam account / library nd keep it forever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2/
  15. just recently one of my steam friends told me that freaking "HALO" all versions are gonna available soon on steam though. You can still pre-purchase all in collection bundle on steam store. https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/
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