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    this profile song though xD

    1. TetrixKitty


      @rollin ^.^. rdm + trap + dubstep by dj snake - get low.

  2. well idk if it's a bug or not but as mostly, hostages shouldnt get killed with anyone's bullets tho, so may be its in server settings or watever where u uncheck the "kill the hostages" or something nd if cant, there ish plugin for it + even if anyone kills 'em, should get kicked right away.
  3. mhm great stuff strvs. i mean when its RTX 2080, that means its a beast. + msi stuff or laptop / pc are pretty great too like they are way powerful for gaming. SSD ish way better than standard common hard drives. but yesh external stuff ish good too for extra stuff to put or download on it. 144hz ish superb too. u're already a beast player, freakn high fps aimbot 1 tap shots >.> i would rather run away the other side, sneak nd hide xd.
  4. a lol of bugs on a lot of maps in classic server. such as :- cs_italy - hostages need to be immortal like none player can kill em or shoot em at all. kelvar + helmet stuff doesnt work too like not buyable, should be buyable. cs_assault - same hostages situation stuff, whole map ish bugged like throw any nade anywhere, it just vanishes or goes thru the wall or floor or ceiling. cs_office - same hostages situation + kelvar nd helmet same stuff. put that umm "when it's 5 cts then u can plant on other site or mostly likely B site" on each map.
  5. congrats^.^. keep up the great work nd keep progressing.
  6. just put 16k on a start up money when the map restarts like the very 1st round then after that, it's on player's skills / gameplay, how they gonna save their buying money or how they gonna spend money on which guy nd other stuff. or just start up the rounds from 900 / 1000$. So, not everyone ish gonna be able to get awp all the time unless they pick up from dead player.
  7. show him ur twitch stream cs gameplays^.
  8. Great^. Congrats @ct^s. Keep up the great work as always nd keep progressing.
  9. lol totally agree though, even on boxing day sales or black friday sales or xmas sales, pc stuff or gaming laptops were on sale but not that much cheaper too.
  10. Congrats^. Keep up the great work as always.
  11. @-=Evil Clown=- mhm seems pretty good. but wat about how much gb of RAM ?, also video memory how much gb?. also how much monitor refresh rate hz?. I feel like it could've been a lil more upgraded though like cpu = amx ryzen 5 3000 or 3500 something with graphics RTX 2080, would've been like a super beast. But still it's great. Congrats.
  12. great^. neon ravey lights. @-=Evil Clown=- can chu share like wat 're the specs for ur pc, a little detailed.
  13. mhm, just add toggle off or /offsounds something to this sound's plugin.
  14. Congrats^. Great stuff. Keep up the great work nd keep progressing.
  15. it's 2020 nd still peeps want to restrict stuff from cs1.6 ? xd. You have to understand that, these weapons are there for a purpose, part of the game, can't be restrict since then it's no fun no challenging at all. I understand that 98% times nd chances, players have awps nd camp it around specific places like mid, long a, a bomb site, b bomb site. It's not like only 1 team ish getting the awps nd other don't, its for both teams, equally. We had this vote on the awp thingi long time back nd it ended up getting No -Restriction to awp votes so it stayed like that. Most of the times it's really easy to tackle, dodge nd evade awp gun but it depends on each player's game style nd thought process with the gameplay. To tackle it, can counter that with scout too, way faster scouting, reloading speed nd firing rate but awp only has like umm more damage precision like 1 hit - dead but scout - mainly body = 2 /3 hits but 1 hit dead = neck or head area. Flash nades 'em to tackle nd dodge 'em. In my opinion, awp shouldn't be restrict at all since it's more fun, challenging gameplay but can be limit to 4 - 5 awps per team. Also, I would recommend awpers to just like keep moving though instead of waiting on players to come to u or camping in the same place. Standing in 1 place with awp or camping with it, it's really not fun at all unless u're surrounded by enemies or u kn the enemies gonna come over that specific area or protecting dropped c4.
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