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  1. Sorry, I didn't get enough time to work on it yet.
  2. Humn, that's interesting. I'll try to reproduce those bugs and debug them as soon as I get a free night.
  3. Hey, @General.Wackass Thanks for your suggestion! You might not seen those maps lately due to an issue with our map manager settings. But, classic is also meant to have the following maps: * awp_india * scoutzknivez * fy_snow Said that, poolday would be lovely to see back to present. Does anyone also miss westwood?
  4. So, as per its plugin's source, the command that switches sounds on/off is /msounds and it must to be typed in global or team chat. Your personal "msounds" preference will be saved to your client info data, so you don't need to bother about typing it once in a map. For users with read-only settings, you're able to save your "msound" preference by adding the following line to your cfg: setinfo _msound 0
  5. I'll take a look at this tomorrow's night among with few classic server additions. Should be fine to implement such thing if not added already, I'll update you guys here.
  6. For now, maps added to the fixed mapcycle are: css_aztec de_cpl_fire_32 Non-fixed maps added are: css_dust2se_go de_dust2_night de_dust2x2_cgds Remaining maps have few issues which needs more time to be fixed: cs_1337_assault : only have 14 ct spawns cs_assault_upc : only have 12 spawns per team de_clan1_mill : only have 10 spawns per team de_cpl_mill_32 : only have 15 spawns per team de_fastline_32 : only support 8 spawns per team (also didn't load) de_tuscan : only support 12 spawns per team de_blue : didn't load We might see non fixed-mapcycle maps on normal rotation until the core files are updated by tomorrow.
  7. Hey, guys. I'll be verifying few technical aspects of the given maps. Then I'll get few of them added to the mapcycle and the remaining ones to the maps menu, so, you guys can still play it by changing to it manually.
  8. How about aliases for equipments? alias "equipments" "vesthelm;defuser;flash;flash;hegren;sgren;primammo;secammo" ... bind "key" "ak47;deagle;equipments" bind "key" "m3;p228;equipments"
  9. Hey, @rollin I'm really not close enough to this network-related suject. I always tried to set things up based on this article only:
  10. I'm really proud of what we're all doing here, guys. Thanks, New3ra for the open arms and trust, Thanks, iR for the faith on us and in this. Paraphrasing Spider-Man in Infity War: It smells like a new car in here.
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