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    Antonio "Scotty_-" Valdez
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    Bhop, Tryhard, Nove 3 CSGO, IDK
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    Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico


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    Laptop ASUS X556U, Core i5 -6200u 6th Gen 8GB Ram, Nvidia 920mx (2GB). Res : 1366x768 (Native)
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    Counter - Strike, Counter - Strike : Global Offensive, Half - life (talking about HL 1 But i played the entire Series), Earthbound, Mario Kart (DS, Wii, 3ds), Punch - Out (snes and wii), you know :D

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  1. Nice profile update with the music and game play 

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      Thanks m8 ! Many Thanks for checking out this profile!

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