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  1. Thanks I can't play pubg with Intel HD 3000, i just hope i'm gonna buy a new pc soon Thank you rollin
  2. There are lots of websites that you can pay with bitcoin paypal or with csgo skins etc, or you can just buy it directly from steam, i bought steam cards off with bitcoin Thanks both tho
  3. Hi everyone, i'm creating this topic cause i would like to see what are everyones thoughts here about my steam profile, after some hours thinking what background, editing it on adobe affter effect etc. I'm finally done! Rate from 1/10 Thanks
  4. also, i was old in casual go, not that old but i played from 2018, on that time the server was active affffff, always full, plugins n stuff was very good, then as i saw it died in 2019, my idea is to boost the casual go, to fix login thingy, n to boost it monthly so we get more and more members, server was x/26 and mostly of the time it was at least 20/26, a lot of times full too, so definitely recommending to boost casual go.
  5. CASUAL GO, if it's all done with development, like login fix n stuff.
  6. Liridon

    Need Help

    @TetrixKitty thank you for your help! i dont know or why but laptop is working gr8 again as before lol i guess the problem is fixed
  7. Liridon

    Need Help

    Thanks everyone! i’ll be looking forward to try all these things out, thanks again
  8. Liridon

    Need Help

    My laptop’s specs arent that good but cs always worked pretty well, every thing like folders, chrome, discord, cs and every program goes so so so so slowly i5 Gen 2 graphic is shit lol Intel HD 3000 windows 10 pro I will buy a new pc maybe in this month but till i buy i gotta play somewhere lol xd the pc worked very good and when i formated it it was working so so fast now everything is -95% of the speed lol its hella slow
  9. Liridon

    Need Help

    #OFFTOPIC Hi everyone, i'm creating this thread because i'm asking if someone could help me, i'm having issues with my laptop that i use to chat, play and everything, it's so laggy and it was never like this, i recently formatted it and it was working very very good now like 1 day ago it started going slow and even discord is so slow, it takes 1 min to go to a server for example, cs is like that too, i dont know why, may someone help? Please, THANK YOU
  10. I'll do my best too. Thank you for giving me this chance to be an admin! Will help a lot!
  11. Yes, i totally agree to the rules, didn't really except to be admin this fast! Thanks a lot ^^ Will send the steam id in steam chat!
  12. Server: dd2 Player's Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:2019432783 Witnesses: yes Demo Links: Comments: Cheating, AIM AND WALLHACK i noticed on the first time he killed me, i couldn't get a long demo cause he left after the round, about aim his AWP scope just moves when he sees an enemy
  13. Server: DD2 Player's Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:1188095714 Witnesses: Yes Demo Links: Comments: I'm like 80% sure this guy was wallhacking, take a look please!
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