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  1. Congratulations bro. Very nice see u there keeping good job
  2. Congratulations my brother EC very good see u there. You deserve it and more. Keep the great work
  3. Amazing my is a laptop i3 first generation lol
  4. KeV


    Thank you everyone! especially happy that the merger worked. from my point of view it worked very well. whatever you need tell me and I will do what I can to help my regards
  5. none of this worked, unfortunately. but one thing "works" when I enable run a window. I think this problem is with my graphic card
  6. can anybody help me? My CS is closing by itself when I try to log into a server. It simply closes without any error warnings.
  7. I agree with everything he @StrVs said. This will make the community cleaner and more fun. Not only for that but think of a subject that only fits the bosses ... there is no reason for a simple regular player to have to waste time reading a fight that is above his duties, which is to have fun here.
  8. @rollin What do you think about flagging updates? for those who have already read the rules you can find parts of the new rules easier example: Update 2.0 ”bla bla bla bla....”
  9. Congrats bro, and thank you services here.
  10. Great initiative. I've been thinking of things we did at iR to improve and maybe we can do here too One topic I think is important is related to the custom ban "userdefined reason" Maybe we could restrict this ban option to STAFF + This would help prevent future possible admin abuses. Another topic is the question of putting rules on the use of admin powers over other admins. It should be strictly prohibited to use your powers on the server against another admin. logically in case of a staff + see for example a new admin using cheats could ban, but other admins would have to record their demo and make a report hacker that's it ... if i think of new things i'll say
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