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  1. I understand you want to hear from @rollin regarding this and he has expressed his opinion to us staff regarding implementation of the requirement. N3 isnt just @rollin, it is all of us. As all communities grow and evolve they go through changes, in this instance Tag is required to keep admin.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and all n3!
  3. dayum 89 invites?!!! How you get such a high lvl? My favorite badge: Years of Service Member since November 23, 2003.
  4. Great team we have going on, congrats everyone on the promotions!
  5. Thanks for the donation!!!
  6. Thx for the donation bro.
  7. I am having an issue with sending a message on the forum, it works if someone sends me a message and initiates it but I cannot initiate the message myself. I have attached a screenshot showing what I receive.
  8. Awesome. Thx for joining! @Silas Thx for getting him setup on the server. I was going to do this when I woke up as he had agree'd to the duties after I had gone to sleep. Can we get him added to the Admin List forum page as Trial Admin? Thx
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