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  1. go relax... I got this.... er um i mean we got this... ahem yea that's what i meant XD
  2. you need to post on the rules topic, not here @Liridon
  3. Confirmed by Kitty. Will be banned thank you. Also i have instated you with Trial Admin so you can take care of these yourself from now on. Keep up the good work brotha. @Liridon plz post here and say you agree to the Admin rules, Thank You!
  4. Princess aint even a member at this point hows she supposed to help you? Whats the problem?
  5. or just speak to me... plz keep me busy it helps distract me from my shitty life... thx
  6. Feel free to join our Discord Server!: https://discord.gg/3gvB4cd
  7. I've been on their forum making this go more smoothly and talking to a few of them, i see this going well.
  8. I've met more of them on their forums, i look forward to seeing them join us.
  9. @Member @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Elite Admin @Server Manager @Staff @Manager Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all enjoy time with family and have a great day! Happy Food coma day! XD
  10. @BadA.! `Wolfenstein has been promoted to staff, He used to be staff before our past problems, stayed loyal and has been donating $50 each month. Congratulations to BadA! @Manager @Staff @Server Manager @Elite Admin @Server Admin @Trial Admin @Member
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