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  1. BootyKing

    More Bugs

    i said we need to get the 32 versions
  2. Been trying to get Adam or Rollin's attention for days.... idk how long it'll take to fix.
  3. @Adam Richard love it.... now hurry and fix muh italy.... love that map XD
  4. the hostages SHOULD die by bullets it adds to the fun having to shoot around hostages. i loved cs_office on XA server cause you'd get kicked if you either shot the hostages 10 times or killed 4 hostages.
  5. No they arent supposed to be immortal and honestly should get plugin that kicks after killing 3 hostages, but you cant take the hostages, they wont follow. Also the nade situation where they go thru walls is only on hostage maps and one of the aim maps and fy_snow.
  6. found the bug on cs_italy as well
  7. @Adam Richard Bug is still on the classic server now.
  8. +1. MOAR MAPS! i like de_office_lethal de_aztec32 de_blue de_cpl_mill de_cpl_fire_32 de_fastline_32 de_blue.bsp de_blue.res de_cpl_fire_32.bsp de_cpl_mill_32.bsp de_fastline_32.bsp de_fastline_32.txt