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  1. @Adam Richard thoughts on best server side rates?
  2. I get better reg with ex_interp 0 but its too choppy for me... im running on old laptop with 60 fps so I have to use 0.1
  3. The changes were more to do with the server machine, like changing the priority of the HLDS process to be higher than other processes running on the machine, and also trying to work with the hosting company as they made some adjustments to the network, and some very basic DDoS protection was added as well. Following this I also changed some HLDS command lines with a higher ping booster, also testing out different ticrates (server side FPS) and of course good ol' game server rates settings just to work our way up towards our original settings and trying to find a sweet spot. Trial and error, still more to come to adjust to what feedback is given and my own experience as well. I'd prefer not to have to test all this on a live server but its the only way to see what works with a heavy load (1v1 vs 10v10 the reg and performance is obviously different) so i had to use d2 as a guinea pig for some real world testing.
  4. Hey guys, I have been getting a lot of messages for little things within the clan. I have no problem with friendly non clan related talks or game play, but when it comes to rules and problems and wants and needs within the clan, there should be a chain of command followed. With more members joining and n3 uniting with iR and this family growing, i think this needs to be said. There is a chain of command. If you want admin, if you need something on the forum updated, if you have a problem with another member, you should not go straight to management member about it! Please, if you have a concern or problem or want or need within the clan, do not message management about it without first going through the chain of command. That is the point of the ranks and roles. Ranks can be found in the roster link above in the navigation menu if you need help finding a member, or you can use the forums and tag the rank you need help from in a post. We have not fully discussed this before and laid any of this to anyone so no harm no fowl but as of now this should be expected: ADMINS, MEMBERS & PLAYERS!! If you want admin, have a problem with an admin, or anything to do with the players of the game in a server, you need to go to a server manager! They have full access and rights to what happens within a server. Please let them help you. If you want help with banning a player you might think is hacking, speak with a demo reviewer! If you have a problem with a server manager and wish to discuss it, only then speak with staff or management. SERVER MANAGERS If you need help or want to discuss adding an admin, looking to discuss removing an admin, or need assistance updating something on the website / forums such as rank or posts... Speak with a staff member! Staff have access to all servers as well as the forums. Please let them help you. If you have a problem with a staff member or need to make a report about something, only then speak to management. STAFF You have access to nearly everything and you will be working alongside management, but overall you are free to do as you wish with respect for the morals and ideas we carry here. If you are unsure of something or its a new topic or maybe something we don't have a rule for or we've never discussed before, please open up the discussion on the forums and we can figure it out as a group. Please and thank you!
  5. @KeV Sorry. Will be adding a servers page link with a list of all servers here soon. We just opened these new forums a month ago and still getting it all sorted. D2 24/7: (our main server so far) Classic: (work in progress) Auto PUG / Scrims: (pass and admin can be given to any member looking to use it)
  6. Dont thank me yet xD i dont know if its actually better... which is why i need ppl comments and thoughts shouldnt matter what coast, but i hope your EAST or your gonna have like 100 ping lol
  7. I've made some major changes and updates to the d2 server. You should see around a 10ms lower ping and also better registration. Not everyone will get the same performance obviously as connections and hardware varies for us all, but please leave any feedback here, good or bad.
  8. Hey guys, If you haven't heard already, iR and n3 will be merging and the process is already beginning. Both of our teams have been through a lot recently and together we both will be much stronger. Together we will have better servers with more options, better support with more developers and staff for the servers and website, more admins to help keep servers clean and fun, and more members to game with and build friendships with. We will be slightly disorganized for a little bit as we adjust and figure it all out, as we have been pretty loosey goosey with our rules and policy of operation so far with all the ups and downs... Bare with us and lets try and make this easy, fun and a collaborative teamwork effort to give us all a great place we can call home to game and hang. Frequency will be management now and working together to integrate our teams and ideas. The goal is to have both teams get everything they had before, while also compromising when need be on ideas, wants or needs that we might have differences in opinions on. The iR clan brings years of experience and well founded players who are all highly respected by the CS community. I personally have great respect for all of them. Although I don't think it has to be said, please show your respect and appreciation to iR's decision to merge with us, as well their decisions and opinions for our new clan as we work out the kinks and continue to progress. I can't imagine this was an easy decision to make for iR and most likely took a lot of trust and courage to make the move and choose a team to merge with. We are honored to fuse iR and n3 and excited for this new journey. w00t w00t... game time
  9. What can I say... BadA has been a great help from day one. Good guy, mature, laid back, active, knows the game and all the players and clans, has no beefs with other comms, and always follows through on his word. Great guy for this position especially if we're going to get back to scrims.
  10. Hello everyone, Our servers are currently offline due to a DDoS attack. Sadly there isn't much that can be done to stop this as of now, so just sit tight and wait it out while we work on everything. If you wish to play together, please visit our back up server: Regards, n3 Management
  11. Sounds like a graphic card settings issue and not rates in game. Not sure.
  12. Hey Guys, Our server runs at a higher rate than most servers so your standard rates wont cut it in our server. I'm not an expert, but based on my research for what were trying to achieve (best possible reg) this is what I have landed on. Feel free to comment below. You'll want to set your rates to the following for best performance: cl_cmdrate 100 cl_updaterate 100 rate 100000 ex_interp 0.1 The server updates much more often than a standard server, so its sending and receiving a lot more data than usual. You'll need to update your rates to keep up with it, otherwise you may receive packet loss or miss out on taking advantage of the boosted registration. Minimum client settings for best performance: cl_cmdrate 50 cl_updaterate 50 rate 60000 What rates work best for you? If you do your research, you'll find tons of different recommendations for setting server rates and client rates, and all of them are different. The truth is there are just too many variables for a one size fits all solution.
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    @Velvet lol! your sig right now just cracked me up good times. check this out! it was hard finding a good skull with transparent bg.
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