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  1. Brian spamming link in dust24/7

    1. Clearly Silver

      Clearly Silver

      oh my bad i didnt meen to dm you

  2. Happy birthday kev! 🥳

    1. KeV


      Thank you buddy ❤️ 

  3. thnx for your contributions to our times rollin

  4. Aight... i just got done watching this video on face book (its worth a watch): 

     tony the dog.  then get off, sign on here and see you create an account tony with a german shephard. weird.

  5. Check out this teamwork on my nade though 😛 

  6. Friendly matches of competitive 5v5, first to 15 wins. We only need 10 people per match, but more than that can join as some may not show up or have to leave. Requirements: - Valid Steam - Mic Preferred - RSVP This Post When: Sunday @ 8pm EST Where:
  7. This weekend all 12 gauge shotty kills will be worth 10x points.
  8. rollin

    More Bugs

    Hmm.... sounds beyond my knowledge of how to fix but i will take a look.
  9. I got a message from Adam that he made some updates to the classic server as well as the d2 server that should of fixed most of these bugs. Haven't had time to test yet, but this was not a simple fix... it probably took a lot of time to investigate and figure it out so big shout out to adam for this... It was well beyond my knowledge and we would be screwed without ya @Adam Richard
  10. headphones GIF
    this profile song though xD

    1. TetrixKitty


      @rollin ^.^. rdm + trap + dubstep by dj snake - get low.

  11. Thanks @ct^s This was a bug awhile back, but should be working fine on classic server now. If you see it again, let us know here. @Adam Richard I have no idea what was causing it, it kinda fixed itself after i did a server wipe and reinstalled everything. Any map other than defusal maps would have bugs where you couldn't buy armor, nades went through walls and if it was a FY map with guns on the ground, the guns would float like 10ft off the ground instead of being on the ground. Its still present on d2 server, but we only stay d2 there so not a problem for that... but yeah, weird.
  12. Got em' @pen|z 


    Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.54.51 AM.png

    1. pen|z


      you told me there was candy in the white van.

    2. n3 | sirsycho`

      n3 | sirsycho`

      get in the van i have candy