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    this profile song though xD

    1. TetrixKitty


      @rollin ^.^. rdm + trap + dubstep by dj snake - get low.

  2. Anyone interested in a lil 3v3 / 5v5 capture the flag tournament in the CTF server this weekend?
  3. @Baby Boo Good idea, thanks for the recommendation, but we have this as booty said but its not amx_screenshot (or maybe that exists too idk). We're using amx_screen instead of amx_ss or amx_ssban. I had some issues with amx_ss and amx_ssban, so I switched to this plugin instead, although works generally the sam way. Its outlined in the admin rules here: section 2. Console usage: amx_screen <player name> <number of screenshots> ie. amx_screen baby 5
  4. Thanks @ct^s This was a bug awhile back, but should be working fine on classic server now. If you see it again, let us know here. @Adam Richard I have no idea what was causing it, it kinda fixed itself after i did a server wipe and reinstalled everything. Any map other than defusal maps would have bugs where you couldn't buy armor, nades went through walls and if it was a FY map with guns on the ground, the guns would float like 10ft off the ground instead of being on the ground. Its still present on d2 server, but we only stay d2 there so not a problem for that... but yeah, weird.
  5. Got em' @pen|z 


    Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.54.51 AM.png

    1. pen|z


      you told me there was candy in the white van.

    2. n3 | sirsycho`

      n3 | sirsycho`

      get in the van i have candy


  6. Staff and management ppls will talk about whats next and what the limitations entail, give us a few days
  7. I think the days of CAL or anything like it are long gone. Random scrims and pick up games are the new norm, and even that is difficult. I'd like to see n3 grow bigger and have in house teams to keep it simple, something like jen said would be ideal. Try getting pick up games going first, that should give you an idea of whats to expect finding teams and organized events and keeping it consistent. I would support and help with what I could for an in house gaming league, but not a separate organization. I do have systems in place for organizing events and teams on the website which is waiting to be implemented. We do have a pug server and a private server setup for scrims, although its lacking HLTV or auto recording system currently. Dynasty Gamers has a nice pug server and hltv system, you could talk to them about it as well.
  8. @koo-laid! Without modifying the game settings, AWP's would be naturally limited by money. This is the way the developers made the game, thats all I'm saying to point out 'part of the game' isn't a good argument to support your belief with our modified game settings that remove other parts of the game (economy) to make it a fair argument. I voted NO to limit the awps.
  9. Thanks, will look into this and work on a fix
  10. While AWP's may be part of the game, 16k every round is not. I would say Valve set the price of the AWP so high to limit the number of people who would use it due to its power and expected abuse.
  11. I just came. brooo you werent lyin lol thats a sick setup!! nice, but does it run 1.6?
  12. I think boo is still waiting to be able to be able to see a R rated movie without a fake ID loooove you @Baby Boo
  13. @Juba </3 yes and i love it xD I havent been in the server when it has actual good people on so not sure how often the ultra kill is happening, but if its too much will remove that one too.
  14. I love Rampage sound it makes me try harder so I can hear her sexy voice lol. The purpose is it rewards players who do good with little messages off to the side for everyone to see and when you get 4+ kills in a row, starts making announcements, which if it happens too often can be moved up to only happen after 6 or more kills in a row. Most people liked it before, but only complaint was it happened too often cuz of multi kill sound coming up all the damn time. So after getting bored one day I added them back just removed multikill sound so its not all the time sounds. it's just a simple reward system for players to get noticed when doing something good and spices up the server a bit.
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