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  1. Aight... i just got done watching this video on face book (its worth a watch): 

     tony the dog.  then get off, sign on here and see you create an account tony with a german shephard. weird.

  2. Check out this teamwork on my nade though 😛 

  3. Friendly matches of competitive 5v5, first to 15 wins. We only need 10 people per match, but more than that can join as some may not show up or have to leave. Requirements: - Valid Steam - Mic Preferred - RSVP This Post When: Sunday @ 8pm EST Where:
  4. This weekend all 12 gauge shotty kills will be worth 10x points.
  5. headphones GIF
    this profile song though xD

    1. TetrixKitty


      @rollin ^.^. rdm + trap + dubstep by dj snake - get low.

  6. Got em' @pen|z 


    Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 3.54.51 AM.png

    1. pen|z


      you told me there was candy in the white van.

    2. n3 | sirsycho`

      n3 | sirsycho`

      get in the van i have candy


  7. You can't pull the G-Strafing with 60 or 100 fps LEGIT, you need more FPS and would need to have some sort of script to pull it off with 60/100 FPS.

    With 300-400 FPS, when you go down the stairs in lower tunnel of dust2, you can double duck in general and gain speed, or use the hill by t spawn to gain speed with high FPS.

  8. rollin

    Gaming Headphones

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    Gaming Headphones Raffle $5 Testing,.. Not a real raffle.
  9. rollin

    Testing Articles

    This is a test of articles.
  10. lol look at this picture i found of me with this kitty shirt from like 8 years ago xD I seen it and thought of you, had to share.


    1. TetrixKitty


      @rollin xd. that's really schway nd cute ^.^. ❤️ 

  11. rollin

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