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    I love Rampage sound it makes me try harder so I can hear her sexy voice lol. The purpose is it rewards players who do good with little messages off to the side for everyone to see and when you get 4+ kills in a row, starts making announcements, which if it happens too often can be moved up to only happen after 6 or more kills in a row. Most people liked it before, but only complaint was it happened too often cuz of multi kill sound coming up all the damn time. So after getting bored one day I added them back just removed multikill sound so its not all the time sounds. it's just a simple reward system for players to get noticed when doing something good and spices up the server a bit.
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    Thanks, will look into this and work on a fix
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    Oh ya, dat killing spree / godlike makes me jizz mah pants. Who can dream of something else than a chick moaning "Killing Spree" or "Godlike" ! rofl, I actually like those sounds, what we could do that I've seen before is adding a command, to make it possible for each players to disable the sound if they want to. If @rollin can't do it, maybe @Adam Richard could hook you up with that if you'd want this.
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    It's Y2.02K all over again!!! *proceeds to buy a ton amount of syrup and honey* the end is near ...
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    Read and understood
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    Killed 29 in a row, going to do laundry now.
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    mhm, just add toggle off or /offsounds something to this sound's plugin.
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    Why don't we limit AKs? Let's limit M4s too while we're at it, and if we don't win the first vote, we'll wait a bit and run it again...eventually we'll get the outcome we desire instead of just learn how to use what's available in the game (flashes, smokes, jumps) to gain an advantage.
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    they dont happen that often and arent that bad. the last plugin we had for it SPAMMED the voices... you can deal with this.
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    We voted for this awhile back. We could run the vote again I guess if ppl here feel strongly enough about it. I think that no awp restriction sets us apart from other servers because they all have awp restriction which used to bug me when i was server hopping. Many people agreed with this when we voted. I don't awp much but when i do its usually cuz an awper killed me. It would be annoying to keep getting awped and not be able to buy one to face off with them. I don't awp much and i think the awpers are ez to kill, not a problem for me and its part of the game. Just turn on Pro Mode .... I like jubas idea, something we also discussed back in the day, adding VIP features with one of them being no awp limit... Might have to try and figure something out for that. I also have been thinking about the VIP plugin more, I really like the gold and black ak's and m4's models for VIPs. Could also help us with funding @ $5 per month or something for VIP access.
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    welp I'm not gunna unban him, you can if you want but you'll be "Letting Hackers roam in our server" like everyone's been fucking saying about us.
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    Happy new year for everyone
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    https://ibb.co/5M9k8LP My Screen shot old clan when I was a part owner, I got it from my friend in steam
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    Recommendation Rule: Double duck ground strafing or standing ground strafing is not allowed. Penalty: Failure to comply will result in either warning, slay, kick or temporary ban. As mentioned in the other thread, this type of gameplay changes the game mechanics to give the player an advantage by increasing their speed, which in my opinion is a form of hacking and deviates from the intent of the original game and going back to the opening post of this thread - deviates from "Keep our clan safe, fair and fun for all."
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    +1. MOAR MAPS! i like de_office_lethal de_aztec32 de_blue de_cpl_mill de_cpl_fire_32 de_fastline_32 de_blue.bsp de_blue.res de_cpl_fire_32.bsp de_cpl_mill_32.bsp de_fastline_32.bsp de_fastline_32.txt
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    @Elite Admin @Trial Admin @Staff @Server Manager @Manager Rules updated slightly. More updates coming soon. Most of you already follow these rules as common sense, but reading them won't hurt.
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    We're still working out awards and benefits for the members who donate who already have admin and a strong rank. We know they donate simply because they want to help the community, but we still believe we should give them something in return as a gesture of appreciation. More to come on that in time. All donations can be made here: https://www.new3ra.com/donate/make-donation/ New member donations or visitor donations come with server admin and VIP features: Note: VIP features is still being decided. We have not added or configured a plugin for this on our servers and still working out what we should allow VIP members to get without making game play too unfair. More updates on this to come soon. $10 Donations Gift: 30 days of standard admin to one server of your choice. Rights: cdeijmu (chat, kick, slap, slay, ban, spec esp). You must follow the server admin rules or your admin will be revoked. All donations are non-refundable once budgeted for or expended. $15 Donations Gift: 30 days of super admin to one server of your choice. Rights: abcdefijmnopqrstu (chat, kick, slap, slay, ban, spec esp, rocket, bury, gag, noclip, weapons, etc. immunity optional). You must follow the server admin rules or your admin will be revoked. All donations are non-refundable once budgeted for or expended. $25 Donations Gift: 30 days of full admin to two servers of your choice. Rights: abcdefghijklmnopqrstu (everything except rcon). You must follow the server admin rules or your admin will be revoked. All donations are non-refundable once budgeted for or expended. If you have any suggestions or requests, please drop a new topic in that forum: https://www.new3ra.com/forum/8-suggestions-requests/
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    I've been to iR too long and I've seen him banned dozens of times, in all demos the same things, the same fish points. Well, it's like they say ... if you train something and repeat it many times then it will happen normally, as the repetition ends up making hits. These two demos are like all I've seen about InsaneDemNS, I've recorded it myself many times expecting a failure, but it was always clean. a tip is to use > amx_screen < in console. This will clear up any doubts. Clean for me, not enough proofs to maintain the ban.
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    water cooling sucks so bad if you wanna go to a LAN. lol make it so much more complicated to move the comp I got: Processor: Intel core i7 8700k Motherboard: MSI Z390A-Pro Memory: G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-16GTZR Trident Z RVB Series 16 Go (SDRam DDR4 3200MHz) Power Supply: Corsair HX750i Graphics card: GeForce RTX 2080 Zotac Gaming I basically only bought these new parts to make my new comp SSD was still fine, might change my screen soon but, since I just bought a house, I might wait a bit more to get myself a new screen got a Samsung SSD 840 Pro series hard drive, just for games, without much space, but I got 2 external HDD of 8TB + 2x 1.5 TB internal HDD So, I got room for movies and series that I download a lot, lol. I'm going to go for a 144hz refresh rate 4k monitor when I'll buy one tho
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    I cannot prove that is you without your steam account ID or some type of tag. Regardless an executable cheat is client side not server side. I'm not directed to these people because they are WAY TOO GOOD FOR ME im drawn to them because they have altered the server side client somehow not your side. Regardless the man or woman is obviously seeing things before they appear on our side not the server side so you were etiher inside an outside client with a spectator telling you ppl were there or you were toggling hitting either insert, f12, number pad delete, or f12. My client side on the half life engine does not lie when something was altered everything is locked. config is read only, userconfig is read only, cl_allowdownload 0 is off and I also happen to use the esea client pretty regularly and have in the past. I also competed on the online CEVO client which forced is to show our client side settings to the CEVO admins so they could see if something was out of place. People were regularly banned for glitching the map by fast switching around in spec mode to see where ppl were, using no smoke sprites or low quality smoke to see through it, and toggling an esp or wallhack. Just look at the esea client ban list. We have more cheat coders than we do legitimate cs players and that spoils the game for everyone. If this type of abuse goes on steam and VAC anticheat will be forced to take action by removing your steamid and banning your account permanently. As far as what we do on public servers it doesnt matter Valve Anticheat will catch you considering they are server side and client side.
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    only one way to tell he hasn't hooked the Half Life one engine with an executable file.
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    upload your demos waytoogoodforme screen shots. net_graph 3 in console take your screenshots and upload your demos to prove you don't have any cheats. Esea client doesnt lie when they catch a cheating hooking the HL1 engine sorry.
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    show him ur twitch stream cs gameplays^.
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    Whoop Whoop! Congrats @-=Evil Clown=-, you work hard and deserve the promotion. Keep up the excellent work you do!
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    Great^. Congrats @ct^s. Keep up the great work as always nd keep progressing.
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    So, as per its plugin's source, the command that switches sounds on/off is /msounds and it must to be typed in global or team chat. Your personal "msounds" preference will be saved to your client info data, so you don't need to bother about typing it once in a map. For users with read-only settings, you're able to save your "msound" preference by adding the following line to your cfg: setinfo _msound 0
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    Congratulations bro. Very nice see u there keeping good job
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    Congrats Evil. You rock Focker
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    I like the awp. I think it should stay.
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    Awp is paid? No problem +1 I'm down to restrict awp btw.
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    @rollin agree. It's difficult to organize right now when we are having very few pug players. We can ask players at random time and let everyone know when they are ready to play pug. Meanwhile, we get to know who are more consistent players joining at pug and then we can group them together if we feel more players joining us. Please add everyone to our scrim chat group or if needed i can make a different steam group.
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    he also has another active ban which means he should not have been in the server to begin with so i don't need proof anymore this is ban evasion.
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    let me just state over here, doing this stuff can't be "perm ban" reason tho, since it might not be allowed in n3 server but it's allowed to do in cs gameplay. So, dd gstrafe, stand up strafe or double duck strafe stuff can be done only in limited fps for example below 120 fps, with that much fps, neither player can do it faster no matter if it's stable fps or using gaming mouse's macros or hyperscrolling. @rollin putting server's side cvar like "sv_airaccelerate 10 / 20" ish totally fine to restrict those but u kn stand up strafe still can be done but put server's fps to "fps_max 200" "fps_override 1" will not restrict any player's fps boundaries still, it's becos they can bypass server's given fps nd can get to 1000+ fps to limit it to 200 restricted for all or 120 fps or 150 fps, there's a plugin for fps limiter something nd with that with plugin will force any player above 150 or 200 fps, they will get kicked nd console will show that they need to put fps_max to 150 or 200 not above to join, something like that. That way, everything will be in control. Other thing is, even with airaccelrate to "10", stand up strafe can be done, not dd gstrafe properly, since stand up strafe doesnt need airaccelrate though, so with fps limiter, anyone can use ddgstafe or stand upstafe under limited fps with decent speed not that fast tho. Also, just holding W button nd keep scrolling on stable 101+ fps or almost 150fps, stand up strafe still can be done, dont even need to move mouse left nd right to gain speed xd, cant be done with normal scrolling but hyperscroll or macros system.
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    1st day HACKER!!! lol, nice score man.
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    Haha, I agree with @.jen on that. Smoke HAS to be in place to get away from us annoying awpers.
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    I haven't seen this kind of hack before upside down speed hack. Demo is Dirty. @ayy lmao xd There's already a banned active on this here the link: http://cs.new3ra.com/amxbans/ban_list.php?bid=2189
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    you are unbanned merry christmas
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    First of all, I think as a rule, we should implement this: For any drama or fighting issues, we should deal with this PRIVATELY, either with the person we have a problem with directly in private or if it doesn't work, go ask staff and management to try to fix the issue, we don't want fights all over forums, it really looks bad for a community, people come in here to have fun, not deal with drama. So: NO fighting / drama posts in forums. Keep it private or talk directly to management about it (Via PM or discord)
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    @KeV I figured i should of done something like that but got lazy after spending an hour reformatting it. These updates weren't new rules it was more like little pieces reworded and adding the punishment times so i would almost have to repost the entire thing since its pretty much everything that got updated.. but if we add more rules i think yeah we should make it easier for everyone with a overview of what changed / added / removed.
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    ohhh lol, I didn't kn that it wud work that way too i mean mostly we copy/paste the ips. Thankies for the info. And I'll update the servers list on the official steam group also.
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    @TetrixKitty if you copy and add to your cs it works ;)...
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    Feel free to join our Discord Server!: https://discord.gg/3gvB4cd
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