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    I wanna thank @rollin and everyone else, management, staff, admins, members, to accept us with you guys, rollin is saying that it takes a lot of trust to make the move and come over with you, but the opposite is also true, thanks a lot for trusting us for coming along with you. As rollin said, we will adjust as we move on, so people might need to be patient, but I was trying my best on iR to help everyone as much as I could and I'll do the same in here, I'll just need some time to adjust with the new stuff here. So from the whole iR family, we thank you for accepting us and really hope we can make this place more fun than it already is, gonna be hard since it's pretty damn fun already! But hey, we can still keep trying! See you guys ingame!
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    @Member @Trial Admin @Server Admin @Elite Admin @Server Manager @Staff @Manager Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all enjoy time with family and have a great day! Happy Food coma day! XD
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    PS. I dont want to sound like a dick or anything, nor I dont want you guys thinking I am being super strict. I am only asking for this rule and nothing else. I always have good intentions toward N3 and if I do make you guys pissed or mad about this I apologize, but implementing this will actually advertise n3 more in our server. When I play with 6 n3 players some people actually ask how to join or become member. Thats why I really wanna get this implemented. Hopefully everyone see/hear my point of view.
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    We are pleased to announce that the following players will be promoted to the next level. @N3 | Bootyman - Management @TetrixKitty- Staff @14-vvarrior-player-n3-Staff @pen|z - Server Manager @Juba </3 - Server Manager @Velvet - Server Manager (sorry it was late) To all of you, Thank you for making our community and server active and keeping it going. We hope that you will strive your hardest to maintain and improve our community. Congratulations! @Manager @Staff @Server Manager @Elite Admin @Server Admin @Trial Admin
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    Hey everyone ! I just want to tell every new members that comes from iR that they need to introduce themselves in the introduction section of the forum here in order to get their admin. Once that is done, you can PM me here on forums or in discord, so I can add your admin up. Everyone has to introduce themselves, no exceptions ! It's the least we can do to join up n3 family! Thanks !
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    I have seen some of our admins that don't tag up, I have talked to the management on making this being one of the requirements for being an admin. This is the least we can do to support N3. I know some of our admins have dual clans. And we have reconsidered that even dual clanning admins should tag up while in our servers. My opinion alone if you are not tagging in our server, it means you are not worthy of having adminship. The least admins can do is tag up when in our server. If any of the management team catches admins who doesn't tag up, it will take into consideration of removing their adminship right away. I am not trying to take away your privilege to be an admin, but there are some players who are eager to wear the tag and not even be an admin. I want admins to show their dedication to our clan, just even in our server put N3 in your name and you can even take it out when not playing in our server. I hope everyone understands my point of view. Thank you everyone. @Elite Admin @Manager @Server Admin @Server Manager @Staff @Trial Admin
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    Thank you @rollinand all staff of n3 thank you guys for the warm welcome.
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    ever since i put on the tag its never came off everywhere i go! you know where my dedication is! lol 8=D
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    Hello everyone! I just want to let everyone know that I will be on vacation for close to two months. I will try getting on steam if yall need me. I just want to let you guys know to never hesitate reaching out to me. Also, we have grew quite well and expanded our management team. I don't think y'all will have problems with anything, we have an elite management team. Anyway, Thanks in advance!
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    go relax... I got this.... er um i mean we got this... ahem yea that's what i meant XD
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    Zombie driver HD FREE on steam store. https://store.steampowered.com/app/220820/Zombie_Driver_HD/ Free to keep when you get it before 5 Dec @ 1:00pm. Some limitations apply. also other daily deal offers on this link too regarding this game / content.
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    Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to hear that we are welcome. For many years we have worked hard to maintain a clean and happy community. Today we have the opportunity to join you all and join forces to do much more, go further and make noise in the world of CS. I am excited to work and play with you. Gradually our friends from iR turned here and joined this big family. I have a doubt: is there any active server that we can already play together? I still can't find it. My Regards.
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    Feel free to join our Discord Server!: https://discord.gg/3gvB4cd
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    I think since a lot of thought is spent in creating rules and regulations, we need to respect and abide them. It's not the same as before. I think now everyone including me understand the importance of tagging up and it's impact. Other communities might have different rules so we can't implement the same in this community. Overall, now i think that each n3 community member who has motivation to contribute should feel proud and wear n3 tag. If there are any other exceptions other than while checking hackers, it shall be discussed internally.
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    I understand you want to hear from @rollin regarding this and he has expressed his opinion to us staff regarding implementation of the requirement. N3 isnt just @rollin, it is all of us. As all communities grow and evolve they go through changes, in this instance Tag is required to keep admin.
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    tag up in our server, simple.
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    @applejuice u can change ur name to silly names still but remember to put n3 tag in any name u are changing to unless u really want to catch the hacker being undercover or spying then u can remove ur tag for that particular specific reason only. for me, I never liked clanning up or tagging up community's name in my in game name but I've been using n3 tag in my in game name, since the creation of n3 community becos I really do care about the community nd just for the concern, support nd sake for the community, I've always tagged up. I never removed it no matter I'm spectating or going to other community servers. The other day I went to whx when n3 dust2 server was ddosed or idk was under maintenance, I was playing there with still n3 tagged up nd few players kept asking if n3 dust2 server is back or not? becos they really wanted to play in n3 dust2 server. So, the point over here is if all admins, server managers, management nd forum registered members gonna tag up n3 in server too then it's gonna make other peeps to join n3 nd tag up too + it shows really deep nd dedicated support to n3 community. If any of us won't tag up then it will show to other players nd give 'em some kind of -ve impressions that we also don't even care much about n3 tagging up rules or dedication towards it nd being a negative n3 role model for other regulars, common players nd upcoming members too no matter how good admin u re or how much hackers u're banning. There's nothing bad in tagging n3 in the n3 servers at all nd u can remove n3 tag when u left the server nd play in others servers tho. When management made this rule official which is betterment for the community then u gotta follow it no matter wat, with all due respect. completely agree over here with @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE .
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    I don't kn if this thing is gonna work out for other players or not but I've asked few players in the server, they are keep seeing the "chicken" model instead of "player" model when the player turns themselves into chicken. For me, I'm always seeing a player model even if they are into chicken mode so that's why it's easier for me to locate 'em or to knife 'em easily xD. in game > options > video settings > uncheck "HD Models". console command to make it easier for both teams to be in 1 specific skin for example Terrorists's team all player skins will be same nd same goes with Counter - Terrorists's team. cl_minmodels 1 I hope this thing might work for u since it's working for me tho.
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    What can I say... BadA has been a great help from day one. Good guy, mature, laid back, active, knows the game and all the players and clans, has no beefs with other comms, and always follows through on his word. Great guy for this position especially if we're going to get back to scrims.
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    Hello everyone, Our servers are currently offline due to a DDoS attack. Sadly there isn't much that can be done to stop this as of now, so just sit tight and wait it out while we work on everything. If you wish to play together, please visit our back up server: Regards, n3 Management
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    N3 pwnz! - 14 BAYBEH
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    Friday Morning and night i'll be holding discord screen share tutorials on amxbans for all and admincp for all the new staff.
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    Congrats everyone! keep up the good work!
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    Hey, @rollin I'm really not close enough to this network-related suject. I always tried to set things up based on this article only: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126383209
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    Yes, i totally agree to the rules, didn't really except to be admin this fast! Thanks a lot ^^ Will send the steam id in steam chat!
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    @rollin try using "rate 30000" with ex_interp 0.01 or 0.02 .
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    I get better reg with ex_interp 0 but its too choppy for me... im running on old laptop with 60 fps so I have to use 0.1
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    or just speak to me... plz keep me busy it helps distract me from my shitty life... thx
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    Yeah may be @rollin forgot to mention which side of the coast is getting the advantage
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    Woot Woot.... Welcome IR to our awesome community. All my old IR friends are here now.
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    i dont care to tag up if you want it ! But have already talked about that with rollin and told me it was fine ! Thats why ... but if he changed his mind i will tag up anytime in n3 server if really needed ! i love this server so ! ! Just asked why because as any smart hacker if u go spec with n3 tag he will toggle off as @StrVs said ! ! but ill tag up as you want ! but would like to hear @rollin about that ! Thanks @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE
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    I guess this is mostly referring to me because I haven't seen any other admin change their name or remove their tag. so i will take the blame for this one. I have been changing my name to dumb stuff like "vsco girl" and "chicken" just for a laugh/meme and to mess with @MissDenise. and i remember you, @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGE asking me whether i was spectating a cheater or not, and now i realize why you asked. I'm sorry for removing the tag from my name and just changing my name to dumb things in general. I will make sure if i ever have to change my name it will be for a good reason such as spectating a cheater undercover.
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    I wanna thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for making this clan the newest, coolest and awesome clan! I hope we continue to grow and prosper! N3 forever! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    "Cursader Kings || " FREE ! on steam store. along with 3 dlcs "Exapansion - Crusader Kings || : Sword of Islam", " Crusader Kings || : Songs of Yuletide" nd "Crusader Kings || : South Indian Portraits 5 year anniversary gift". https://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/
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    @Juba </3 AMD Radeon right ? then I guess u might be having that " AMD Catalyst Control Center" like by right click on empty desktop screen nd then u can see that on option. I'm pretty sure in that control center, the settings I stated above, can be easily located in it. Hope it will help u in anyway. Make sure, u always checking like " check for windows update" all updates are updated like necessary ones not lame ones + all drivers including video or graphics divers are fully updated to newest versions.
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    for the server side cvars / server confgs stuff, it should be like this :- minimum cl_updaterate 20 to max cl_updaterate 101 ( so that players can set their cvars or rates according to this server cvars in between whatever they feel like it's better for 'em"). sv_unlag 1 ( server side ). for any graphics or graphics card settings for ur laptop or desktop pc, u should always tick or put the max on performance rather than on quality since performance matter not quality since even if u play in lowest quality settings ur game will still look great according to each's graphic's card nd it's video graphic ram or gb size. anti-aliazing something should be off always both in game nd for pc / laptops or at least on very lowest level. texture quality should be lowest. in graphics settings of ur graphic card if there is some kind of settings called "standard 3d settings" turn up or max to performance only, avoid quality. mipmapping should be on max performance avoid quality. "anti - aliasing method" should be on highest performance, avoid quality. "ansiotrophic filtering" should be on per - pixel samples which means on the lowest level. uncheck "use application settings" settings or box on all of these stuff or in any kind of graphic's card settings though since if u will not uncheck it then it will override the settings nd graphics nd these things will run according to wat games want but u gotta avoid it, u should run the game according to the graphics settings which are manually customized by u + putting all of these settings on high performance nd lowest in settings will give u lot of fps stability boost in any game though. cs 1.6 steam launch options :- -nomsaa -nofbo -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nojoy -freq 60 u can paste this above line starting from ( - ) to ( -freq 60) to desktop steam app > main screen of steam > click on library > right click on counter-strike 1.6 > click on properties > click on general tab > click on "set launch options" copy paste that above whole line on there nd click ok. I don't kn much on others things which are written on that line but they are useful though but I only kn about "-freq 60" which is ur monitor refresh rate, which u can find in ur monitor settings > "screen refresh rate" see there wat's wrriten like for me its "60 hertz" so i put it "-freq 60" in that line but if u hve different number like some gaming laptops or pcs hve likemore than above 100 hertz refresh rates so set it according to ur own monitor settings. cs 1.6 useful nd affective console commands :- which also I been using from a lot of years nd I've tested most of the rates, cvars, console commands nd felt differently in gameplay according to each console command. rate 25000 or 30000 cl_updaterate 26 ( for those who have been experiencing lag spikes a lot, glitches, reg instability, mostly for wifi users + low pressure, weight on cpu, gpu, ram so more fps gaining too + smoothness too ). cl_updarate 60 ( which is default whenever u reinstall a fresh copy of cs on ur laptop or pc. if ur cpu processor cant handle it much or if ur laptop or pc isn't a gaming type then I recommend u lower it down to 40 or 30 ). cl_updaterate 101 ( use this "101" only wen u hve gaming laptop or pc + with wired internet connection not thru wifi though becos 101 on standard or general laptop or pc will give pressure, weight, will make cpu gpu proccesor or graphics card stuff, runs a lot nd it will drop ur fps a lot too. So use accordingly ). cl_cmdrate 30 ( same info as "updaterate 26"). cl_cmdrate 60 ( same info as "updaterate 60"). cl_cmdrate 101 ( same info as "updaterate 101" ). cl_dlmax 128 or 130 ( fps stability, fps gaining, smoothness ). cl_dlmax 512 ( default for cs so for me 128 is better so try both nd feel the difference nd choose or set accordingly ). cl_dynamiccrosshair 0 ( it will never get shrink or on toggling bigger or smaller even if u double duck or jump unless ur swtiching guns in that mili seconds it will get a bit bigger though. more like "0" is crosshair stability ). cl_lc 1 cl_lw 1 cl_lw 0 ( if u put this "0" then it will consider illegal command since its illegal to use in official matches or tournaments of cs 1.6 but not for public regular servers nd in some knife servers of cs, they consider this illegal too, u might get kicked from some specific servers. I dont kn if it will gonna affect ur shots or wat, it all depends on each laptop or pc but mostly affective in knifing, either slash or stab gets a bit further distance ). hud_fastswitch 1 hud_saytext 3 ( this will make any server chats or messages on screen will vanish or disappear faster like in 3 - 7 seconds so that u get more fps stability + less glitchness. its affective when too much server messages or chat messages are going on nd out-focusing the focus of gameplay. u can check servers chat messages in console too if u miss reading some of those messages). con_color "255 255 255" (server words or chat font will be in white, if someone wants that since in some colors "gold" is hard to see so white is very visualabley clear). gl_vsync 0 gl_ansio 0 gl_fog 0 cl_weather 0 cl_shadows 0 r_mmx 1 ( this command is for those who have like powerful gaming cpu processors nd graphics card, I recommend "0" for gameplay, choose accordingly ). gl_picmip 1 ( more fps gaining according to each laptop or pc's cpu processor gpu, ram, graphics card. choose accordingly ). gl_lightholes 0 gl_spriteblend 0 gl_keepjunctions 0 fps_max 110 or 210 max only ( u don't need much more fps unless ur in knifing or surfing or other maps which includes, strafe, jumping, bhop or surf maps, deathrun maps, jailbreak ). fps_override 1 cl_minmodels 1 ( it will turn each models to same skin like CT models skins of ur team will look steam model skin, same for the T side models, more smoothness + a bit of fps gain too ). bind mwheelup +jump ( for bhoping through scrolling ). bind mwheeldown +duck ( for double ducking, crouching through sscrolling ). bind p amxmodmenu ( lol ). use these console commands accordingly which means according to ur laptop's or pc's cpu, processor, graphics card conditions, if u use lower rates then it will boost more fps in game which means more stability in reg recoil, a bit faster reflexes , more smootheness in gameplay. For me its always been affective through these commands since im mostly on wifi not wired connection internet. So use it, try these commands nd feel the difference. in cs 1.6 video graphics settings, on the right side, uncheck every box except " use lower video graphics" setting something like that. avoid playing with HD models though. in game resolution should be 640 x 800 so that will make ur reg recoil stability much more + more fps gaining too.
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    Great team we have going on, congrats everyone on the promotions!
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    Thx for the donation!!
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    you forgot the Scooby Snacks... which were just edibles XD he got so high he didnt care it wasnt courage XD
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    thanks bro for keeping the servers running!!
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    Hi, as the title says HlstatsX system has many options to interact with player on of them is show html pages in game (trough MOTD navigator) like the "status" page: The problem here is that the engine of goldsrc games (for example CS 1.6) doesn't support SSL/HTTPS protocol, in other words use HTTPS to show a MOTD is not supported and that's why you see something like this whehn use "/status": There are many solutions, maybe the easiest is allow HTTP and HTTPS if someone requests for "ingame.php" modifying the conditions in the file .htaccess. Anyways i hope this will be fixed soon.
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    OK so here it is a hacker joined the server name was like this at first multi hack spin name spam etc it wigged out my admin as well even defined ban and i have accidentally banned some players due tho this guys name changing hack somehow so if people join as ask why i did this it was a honest mistake and i am honestly sorry and did not mean for this to happen and i hope that you can understand due to the circumstances to this i am admitting i was wrong and and i am sorry please forgive me due to this hacker that joined when i went to ban him it banned multiple people because it was changing their name to his name and it rippled i didn't get banned because i guess of the admin i have i didn't think i had immunity if i can ban my self but someone how i did not get banned if this can please be fixed @rollin i am sorry as i said brother you know i would never ban anyone who did not deserve it. #ForgiveMePlease @rollin @booty @rave
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    Thanks for the donation!!!