How does one join?  Read below!

    We're a relatively new gaming community.  Born in August, 2019 and still growing, we happily welcome new members and players to join our family.  Here's our n3 member challenge:


    Complete the 30 second account registration on the forums.  Our website is an important part of the community for communicating and staying organized.  Use it.


    You can join one of the following ways:

    a.) Receive an invite from an established n3 member.
    b.) Knife an n3 member.


    Drop a new topic in the Introduction Forums telling about yourself and let us know who you knifed or who invited you.  After your welcoming, a staff member will update you to member status.


    Once your intro post on the forums is made and verified, you'll be accepted as a member.  Although tagging up (adding the n3 | to your in-game name) isn't required, it helps others in the community know you're on the same team and will be sticking around.

    Admin can be added after one week as an n3 member. 
    Just fill out an admin application or make a donation of $10 or more.


    Play in the servers, team up with other members in other community servers, contribute on the forum discussions, share your nudes and just have fun.  All help is appreciated, so if you want to do more than just game and help organize or manage the community, let us know!

    Pick Up Games: We play pick up games (5 v 5 scrim with whoever might join, team or no team) randomly throughout the day, but most times you can find the pug servers full at night.  We play in n3 servers, or other servers, random games or against another friendly team.  Its all for good fun, no try hard pro gaming here.  Message one of the members and we can invite you to the PUG chat on steam so you get notifications of when we are playing.

    The n3 Community