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    You've played in our servers.  You've met our members. 
    You want to join this badass clan.   Here's how:


    The first step to joining our team is to register an account on our website. This is home base to the clan and staying organized, network and keep tabs on everything.

    You can register at this link here: https://www.new3ra.com/register

    Important Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for the activation email to arrive. Please be patient. If you do not receive a verification email within 2 hours, please contact staff or management.


    Before you can call yourself a member, you'll need to introduce yourself on the forums.  Post an introduction topic with your in game name in the title and include as little or as much information about yourself, related or unrelated to gaming.

    The introduction forum can be found here: https://www.new3ra.com/forum/6-introductions/

    Important Note: Please include whether you wish to be a visitor (no allegiance to n3) or a clan member.


    So now that you've introduced yourself and have been welcomed by the community (hopefully), you're allowed to tag up and represent for your new team.


    You will be a new recruit for two weeks after your introduction post. This gives us time to feel you out and get acquainted if we haven't already.  After two weeks of game play in our servers, you'll be fully accepted as a n3 member and required to sign a blood oath swearing forever allegiance to New 3ra Gaming and all its members until death do us part.  Just kidding... or are we?  At this point you'll meet the requirements for server admin and other privileges in the community reserved for those who've gained our trust.


    There is no step five. From here on out, where you go and what you do will be up to you.  If you just like to play the game, have fun.  We are a self sustained and self managed community, so if you wan to get more involved in the community, express your interest to staff or management member and we can find a spot for you and ways to contribute from organizing events to overseeing admins and unban requests.

    We're excited to welcome you to n3 and think you'll find we're a good group of guys and gals.  Thanks!