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    We're a relatively new gaming community. Born in August, 2019 and still growing, we happily welcome new members and players to join our family.


    Complete the 30 second account registration on the forums.  Our website is an important part of the community for communicating and staying organized.  Use it.

    Important: Register your forum account name to be the same as your name in game.  If we don't recognize your name, you may be deleted.


    You can join our community as a member by either invite or challenge.  If you don't want to wait for an invite, the challenge is to knife an n3 member with proof.

    If you've been invited: Drop a new topic in the Introduction forums and which member invited you.  Once you're welcomed, we'll update your rank to member.

    If you've accepted the challenge to knife an n3 member: Drop a new topic in the Introduction forums with a screenshot / demo of the knife and some basic info about yourself.  We will verify the proof by laughing at the victim and your rank will be updated to member.


    Although tagging up isn't required, it's recommended to grow bonds and build a better community.  We also use it for pugs or competing.  The official community tag format is:

    n3 | playername   or   playername | n3   or   playername #new3ra   or   playername #n3


    Compete in the community servers, team up with members and join other servers, contribute on the forum discussions, share your nudes and just have fun.  All help is appreciated, so if you want to do more than just game and help organize or manage the community, check out the applications section on the forums.

    Trial admin can be added after one week as an n3 member. Just fill out an admin application and give us some time to review it. If you'd like to skip past the application and trial process, make a donation of $10 or more for donor admin.

    That's about it.  💥 Frag on.

    New 3ra Gaming Community