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  3. Ex_interp is a setting that adjusts to your rates as you set them. It is suppose to be set to "0" then the game automatically resets it for you. For example if my rates are old ESEA rates cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate rate 25000 and I set ex_interp to 0 it will automatically adjust to 0.01. I usually adjust my rates like so cmdrate matches your fps or higher considering the server produces 1000frames per sec available you can set it to cmdrate 1000 updaterate is usually between 80-100 and rate is I believe able to be set higher with the newer server technology and T1 lines ppl around using. My rates have always performed best when set as so cl_cmdrate 300, cl_updaterate 80-99, rate 20000, ex_interp 0, r_mmx 1. Refresh rate and frequency is another setting that is nice to look into if you looking for a smoother gameplay. Ive heard of people running games at -freq 144 hz and you can enable that in your cs launch options. As far as how stable and accurate it will be im not sure but it works well for me. Also considering this is for public servers not private pugs or scrims 5v5. When your dealing with alot of co-factors like amx_mod, csdm, etc.... things can get kind of rediculous. Also a helpful hint as well when you make your own configs right click on them and select read only so no1 can go into your config and change things. Ive heard of admins having access to peoples settings through amx or some other mods.
  4. Enjoy your "peace" time... Have a great vacations...
  5. relax bro... enjoy the time and get back with a bang ...
  6. Hey, @rollin I'm really not close enough to this network-related suject. I always tried to set things up based on this article only:
  7. relax nd chillax at ur vacation. Have a great one.
  8. Enjoy your vacation @N3 | [email protected] #awpPROTEGErelax have fun let your stress out so that by two months time you will came back fresh and ready to kill lol...
  9. Last week
  10. go relax... I got this.... er um i mean we got this... ahem yea that's what i meant XD
  11. Hello everyone! I just want to let everyone know that I will be on vacation for close to two months. I will try getting on steam if yall need me. I just want to let you guys know to never hesitate reaching out to me. Also, we have grew quite well and expanded our management team. I don't think y'all will have problems with anything, we have an elite management team. Anyway, Thanks in advance!
  12. I'll do my best too. Thank you for giving me this chance to be an admin! Will help a lot!
  13. you need to post on the rules topic, not here @Liridon
  14. Yes, i totally agree to the rules, didn't really except to be admin this fast! Thanks a lot ^^ Will send the steam id in steam chat!
  15. Confirmed by Kitty. Will be banned thank you. Also i have instated you with Trial Admin so you can take care of these yourself from now on. Keep up the good work brotha. @Liridon plz post here and say you agree to the Admin rules, Thank You!
  16. Hey everyone ! I just want to tell every new members that comes from iR that they need to introduce themselves in the introduction section of the forum here in order to get their admin. Once that is done, you can PM me here on forums or in discord, so I can add your admin up. Everyone has to introduce themselves, no exceptions ! It's the least we can do to join up n3 family! Thanks !
  17. @Adam Richard thoughts on best server side rates?
  18. Princess aint even a member at this point hows she supposed to help you? Whats the problem?
  19. Server: dd2 Player's Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:2019432783 Witnesses: yes Demo Links: Comments: Cheating, AIM AND WALLHACK i noticed on the first time he killed me, i couldn't get a long demo cause he left after the round, about aim his AWP scope just moves when he sees an enemy
  20. @rollin try using "rate 30000" with ex_interp 0.01 or 0.02 .
  21. I get better reg with ex_interp 0 but its too choppy for me... im running on old laptop with 60 fps so I have to use 0.1
  22. I'll do my best. Thanks for the opportunity.
  23. or just speak to me... plz keep me busy it helps distract me from my shitty life... thx
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